Bloodhound Wi-Fi Packet Sniffer/Injector  Wi-Fi is the de facto communication mode in homes, public areas, offices and in industrial sites.

To obtain highest performance of any Wi-Fi installment, precise control of the wireless network with provisions for debugging, access control and continuous monitoring for security has become relevant. Debugging and monitoring Wi-Fi networks requires a stable, reliable, technically advanced solution – the Wi-Fi packet monitor (sniffer) and packet probe tool (injector).

A Wi-Fi Sniffer is a device which will passively “listen” and “record” information exchanged in the particular Wi-Fi channel. A Wi-Fi Injector device  is an active device which can be used to transmit data in a Wi-Fi channel and record/analyze the response for it’s action.

Intelligraphics developed a mobile Wi-Fi sniffer solution that utilizes the TI WiLink 6.0, WiLink 7.0 and WiLink 8.0 series mobile Wi-Fi chipsets (TI WL127x / WL128x/WL18xx) to create a truly portable Mobile Hardware Sniffer, featuring  a single Wi-Fi driver that can either act as a Wi-Fi sniffer, or as a regular Wi-Fi driver.


 The Bloodhound “Swiss Army Knife” toolkit for  Wi-Fi development, maintenance and surveillance.


It Features

Support for filtering at type:

Mgmt frames

Data frames

Ctrl frames

Support for filtering at subtype:

Mgmt frames






•PS Poll

Data frames





Ctrl frames




Infrastructure specific metadata on a per packet basis:

  • Channel/Frequency info
  • Length of underlying MAC frame
  • RSSI (Signal Strength)
  • SNR
  • Time Stamp
  • CRC
  • Data Rate

Availability of unprocessed frames with errors:

  • PHY Errors
  • CRC errors

Ability to decode encrypted frames Intermediate buffering driver:

  • The intermediate buffering driver is used to improve performance
  • The buffering driver optimizes the bottleneck in processing between the Wi-Fi sniffer driver and the user application.

API Interface for application development:

  • Provides a well defined API that is used to control the sniffer
  • The API interface makes it easy for application developers to interface their application to the sniffer.

Support for multiple platforms:

  • Torpedo DM3730 reference design
  • Panda OMAP 4430 reference design
  • OMAP4 Blaze platform 4430
  • Commercial LG Thrill 3d smart phone
  • Motorola Razer Maxx
  • AM335x
  • BeagleBone Black
  • Can be ported to other platforms on a customer driven basis

Support for Injection

  • Full 802.11 packet content controllable by user includingRateLengthType of packetDuration
  • Option to follow CSMA/CA protocol for Injection
  • Overriding of CSMA/CA or Backoff protocol for Injection

Type of solutions

  • Driver + Firmware combo Sniffer
  • Firmware only Sniffer solution (Can be utilized in devices where driver for Wireless chipset is not modifiable)



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