Windows Logo Testing Services

Are you bringing a new Windows based product to market and haven’t yet begun the important process of getting “Windows Logo Program” Certified? The goal of the Windows Certification Program is to help consumers and businesses identify the connected devices and desktop apps that work well with the Windows operating system and to help you differentiate your products in the marketplace. Certified devices and desktop apps have passed Microsoft’s tests for compatibility and reliability with Windows. Among other benefits, earning Windows certification allows you to display the appropriate Windows logo. After your product has passed certification testing and you have submitted your results to Microsoft, you can use the logos on packaging and in ads and other promotional materials for that product according to Microsoft guidelines.

Intelligraphics can answer all your questions, test your product and provide all the documentation needed for Windows Certification. We were among the first test houses that were Microsoft Certified. If your product does not pass the pre-test program, we are happy to work with you to solve any problems. The pre-test report we provide remains confidential, it’s not shared with Microsoft. As an added service, Intelligraphics will even debug the product for you for a nominal hourly fee.

1. Contact us to Apply for Testing.

Our project manager will assist you with your testing needs.

Tel: + 972-479- 1770

2. Information preparation and payment confirmation.

Intelligraphics must receive payment before testing begins. Send all preparation information to Intelligraphics

3. Submit your device and device driver application to Intelligraphics.

Testing begins when Intelligraphics receives two sets of devices and a compliance check list. The testing process will take two days per driver and for driver packages will take 2 days per .inf file

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