Intelligraphics’ Device Driver Development Services now includes Windows 8 and Windows 10! Windows Device Driver Development

We built our reputation by developing the highest quality device drivers,firmware and software for all Microsoft Operating Systems. From Windows 1.0 and early versions of Windows CE to Windows Phone, Windows 95 to Windows 7, Windows 8 and Now Windows 10 our world class engineering team has delivered device drivers, firmware and low level software development services to our customers worldwide on target and on time.

”USB Device Driver Development”

Our device experience includes providing support for SoCs, PCs, smartphones, set-top boxes, game consoles, tablets, cameras, and a host of other connected products. Intelligraphics has implemented these solutions on a variety of PC and embedded operating systems and platforms including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 , Windows 8, Linux (PC and embedded), Windows CE, Symbian, VxWorks, Nucleus, UNIX, proprietary operating systems, and others.

”Audio Driver Development:”

Intelligraphics has been a preferred provider of industry-leading custom Windows audio driver development services to key audio hardware manufacturers since 1995. Intelligraphics has direct experience developing custom audio drivers for advanced full-duplex multi-stream wave audio controllers, AC97 controllers/codecs (ICH, VIA, SIS), multifunction devices (requiring bus driver support), and Sony-Philips Digital Interface Format (S/PDIF) interfaces.

”Windows Communication Device Driver Development:”

Intelligraphics is very familiar with a wide variety of communications technologies having provided Windows communications drivers and firmware support for nearly a decade. Our direct experience includes developing custom Windows driver and firmware support for areas such as USB 1.1, USB 2.0, USB On-The-Go, 1394, hardware and controllerless modems, IrDA, external serial device PnP enumeration, USB to serial, TAPI, and Bluetooth.

”Modem Driver Development:”

Intelligraphics’ experience encompasses a wide variety of streaming and communications hardware devices. Our developers have implemented Windows communications solutions that include serial driver flow control and handshaking, DSL, UART emulation layer, implementation of Ring-0 RSA logic, and support for standard COMM IOCTLs and unimodem TAPI. Intelligraphics also provides Windows system level software, custom Windows driver development and linux driver development to support joysticks and HID peripherals, mass storage hardware, and parallel and serial ports.

”Network and Wi-Fi Driver Development:”

Our engineers have vast experience with the Windows NDIS driver model on all Windows platforms. Our team has extensive experience with Network Interface Card (NIC) functionality and custom Windows driver development for these cards. We have knowledge and expertise with PCI, PCMCIA, PCCARD, ISA, USB and other bus specifications.

”Smartphone and Windows Mobile Driver Development:”

Offering complete smartphone development services, Intelligraphics provides board support package development services for various operating systems including: Windows© CE & Windows© Powered Smartphone, Windows Mobile, Windows 7 Mobile and Windows 8.

”Windows HID and Touchscreen:”

Intelligraphics has been at the forefront of HID development since before the HID class was defined. From custom keypad drivers to a one-click install suite of drivers and applications for a top-tier gaming mouse manufacturer, Intelligraphics can provide solutions for all HID implementations. Intelligraphics has also taken a leading role in making touchscreen technology ubiquitous on Windows by partnering in the development of advanced host-based multi-touch drivers.

”Windows Product Logo Certification:”

Intelligraphics is the best alternative for getting your product “Windows Logo Program” certified. We are experienced in all aspects of Windows Certification Testing and can provide prompt feedback on failures and advice on what is required to achieve a passing result. If your product does not pass the pre-test program, we are happy to work with you to solve any problems. As an added service, Intelligraphics will debug the product for you for a nominal hourly fee. The pre-test report we provide you remains confidential, it’s not shared with Microsoft.

Intelligraphics the recognised leader in Windows driver development services!

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