The Intel® Atom™ Baytrail processor E3800 product family is the first system-on-chip (SoC) designed for intelligent systems, delivering outstanding compute, graphical, and media performance while operating in an extended range of thermal conditions. Windows 8 Audio Codec Driver Development for Intel Baytrail and 5th Gen Core Processors

Targeted at the exploding embedded market, the new processor family is designed to address the growing performance-per-watt needs of a wide range of intelligent systems such as automotive infotainment systems, medical devices, building automation panels, and industrial control systems.

This new architecture is not documented by Microsoft in the Windows Driver Development Kit (WDK)!!!!!


With the introduction of the LPE audio engine in Atom Baytrail and SmartSound in 5th generation Core CPUs, Intel have significantly enhanced the audio processing power and functionality handled on the processor.  This new processing engine reduces the need for complex external hardware codecs and is supported on Windows 8 by Intel with a WDM audio driver for the i2s interface. Windows 8 Audio Codec Driver Development for Intel Baytrail and 5th Gen Core Processors

Codec manufacturers must develop a driver that interfaces with the Intel WDM audio driver through a proprietary API and then control the hardware over i2c through the SPB client driver interface which is also new to Windows 8!


Thankfully, as in the past with new audio codec architectures, Intelligraphics is at the forefront of third party driver development and has worked directly with Intel on certified shipping solutions.  

Don’t stumble around in the dark.  Ask us how we can help expedite the development of your audio codec driver for Windows 8 on Intel processors!

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