Windows 10 Device Drivers and Certifications

With the imminent release of Windows 10, the time is now to get your drivers written, updated, optimized and certified for the biggest release of Windows in years!  Don’t be left behind with an old set of HCK logs or test setup that is no longer valid. Let the expertise of Intelligraphics help you find and squash any bugs uncovered by the new test kit and then smoothly resubmit for certification.  It’s our business – make it your business to stay ahead with the best!

Intelligraphics Drivers for Windows 10

Managing mobile devices and applications

With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets at work, there is an increasing burden on IT administrators to manage more mobile devices. Intelligraphics drivers  provide granular mobile device management (MDM) and converged admin controls for PCs and mobile devices that enable easier device management for organizations. Our unified mobile device enrollment protocol is aligned across desktop and mobile devices, which provides a more seamless user experience.

Universal Windows driver development

Intelligraphics can write one driver that runs on all versions of Windows that share a common set of interfaces. An IGX Universal Windows driver can use KMDF, UMDF 2, or the Windows Driver Model (WDM).

Windows OneCore

Windows OneCore a platform for any device—phone, tablet, PC, or IoT. Windows 10 provides a set of API and DDI interfaces that are common to multiple versions of Windows 10. This set of interfaces is called OneCore. With OneCore  you can also be assured that drivers and apps created using OneCore interfaces will run on multiple devices.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Quickly iterate and expand on hardware and software designs with the new edition of the Windows 10. It’s specifically for small form factor IoT devices with or without a display. This platform brings Windows to a new class of small devices and allows Makers and Windows developers to leverage best-in-class development and debugging tools on a diverse set of hardware resources.

Windows 10 Hardware Compatibility Program

Our Intelligraphics Windows 10 Hardware Compatibility program gives you the opportunity to show your customers that your hardware has met Microsoft’s standards for compatibility and reliability.  Intelligraphics has all the tools and skills available to get you through the certification process. Just like we have done for more than 15 years for WHQL, we can validate compatibility by testing your product and for IHVs, help with driver signing and help expedite getting your hardware listed on the certified product list.  Our program is designed to increase end users confidence that your products are compatible and reliable with Windows 10.

Let the Pros at Intelligraphics lead you through the new world of Windows 10 Driver Development and Certification.