Wi-Fi Alliance® Pre Certified Drivers and Testing

Since 802.11b standard was ratified in 1999, wireless LANs have become extremely popular worldwide. The foundation of the wireless LAN boom is interoperability, which ensures that the Wi-Fi radios in client devices will operate with the Wi-Fi radios in infrastructure products, such as APs and routers, regardless of who makes the radios, the client devices, or the infrastructure products. Interoperability results from all products supporting the same standards for communication and operation.

While the IEEE defines standards for  how wireless LAN radios operate, it has no mechanism for enforcing these standards. Interoperability of wireless LAN products from different vendors is ensured by the Wi-Fi Alliance, a non-profit industry association of more than 300 member companies. The Wi-Fi Alliance  determines how well products implement IEEE 802.11 standards by developing rigorous interoperability tests and running those tests against products from different vendors. Since the introduction of the Alliance’s certification program in March 2000, more than 4,000 products have passed all required tests and are designated as Wi-Fi CERTIFIED.

Pre-certification testing allows member companies to pre-test Wi-Fi devices and troubleshoot problems before entering the formal process to become Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™. The Intelligraphics lab will replicate Wi-Fi Alliance test beds and test plans to allow for engineering feedback and more customized analysis than is permitted during formal Wi-Fi certification testing.

Intelligraphics provides Wi-Fi device driver and firmware connectivity solutions that power the most technically challenging and demanding applications such as:

  •     Testing Services to ensure that your product shares interoperability with any Wi-Fi Certified Product