VxWorks BSP and Device Driver Development

Intelligraphics has actively followed the growth of VxWorks and its increasing acceptance as an industry preferred RTOS. Our experience with VxWorks projects extends to practically any modern CPU that is used in the embedded market including the x86 family, MIPS, PowerPC, Freescale ColdFire, Intel i960, SPARC, Fujitsu FR-V, SH-4, ARM, StrongARM and xScale CPUs. We have developed an extensive validation test suite for all of our VxWorks projects.

Intelligraphics engineering team maintains a close working relationship with industry leading companies utilizing VxWorks, including Wind River Systems – the creator and distributor of the VxWorks operating system. VxWorks BSP and Device Driver Development  Our development expertise in embedded systems on the VxWorks platform includes a wide variety of technologies. Our development team has created custom device drivers, APIs, protocols, and other system level software development services for the VxWorks platform for many different hardware technologies.

Intelligraphics Custom Services for high performance VXWorks BSP and Device Driver Development

Intelligraphics provides the highest quality BSP and device driver development services for VxWorks. Our long experience using high-end tools like WorkBench IDE for VxWorks BSP and peripheral device driver development makes us your first choice in service providers. We perform system and task level debugging of VxWorks image using WindRiver Debugger over serial and network interfaces.
We have in-depth understanding of the hardware components of the target system, the data flow, interrupts and memory maps and use that knowledge to develop every Board Support Package. Our VxWorks experts can analyze your custom hardware and create an optimized BSP for your target.

Case study:

Our engineering team developed a complete BSP and device drivers for a SoC for an nationally recognized OEM. Our extensive experience allowed us to do a complete VxWorks port for a SoC while it was under development. The SoC had ARM Cortex A9 MPCore and had variety of on-chip peripherals like Ethernet, I2C, SPI, QSPI, USB OTG, WDT, NAND flash, UART, DMA, etc. During the development, we implemented low-level boot code, boot-loader, BSP and drivers for on-chip peripherals. All drivers were VxBus compliant. The project also had support for a Windriver debugger connection over Ethernet as well as UART. VTS was used for some basic peripheral testing. The entire project was delivered On Target and On Time!

Industrial Automation and Control

Intelligraphics is an industry leader in system level development with knowledge of many embedded hardware technologies, operating systems, bus architectures and protocols. Our engineers are familiar with a wide variety of industrial automation and control hardware including rugged and single board computers, telecommunication devices and PLCs. Our development team can provide development support for VME, CompactPCI, and PMC boards and many hardware technologies. Our engineers are also familiar with industrial automation and control system protocols including OPC, DCOM, Modbus, Profibus and other protocols for the Vxworks environment.

Digital Appliances / Set-Top Boxes

Intelligraphics is a key resource for manufacturers of set-top boxes and multimedia-oriented embedded systems. Makers of set top boxes and other digital entertainment devices turn to Intelligraphics for our expertise in VxWorks embedded system programming, including display, audio, video, networking, and streaming technologies. Our development team can provide drivers, firmware and APIs for a variety of devices on the VxWorks platform including UGL, the 2-D graphics stack that serves as the foundation layer for handling low-level hardware-related graphics functions.

PDA / Handheld Devices

Intelligraphics can create drivers, utilities and applications on the VxWorks operating systems for handheld systems and PDAs. Our development team has extensive VxWorks experience in the technologies important to PDA manufacturers, including graphics, multimedia, touchscreen and input device drivers. While our expertise lies primarily in system level software development, we have developed APIs, utilities, and applications for our clients. From control panels and system utilities to end user applications, Intelligraphics can implement both the functionality and GUI interface for your application.

Digital Imaging

As the printer/medical imaging industry has matured, more companies are moving towards using off-the-shelf operating systems and hardware devices. Intelligraphics’ strong VxWorks development experience is a key resource to manufacturers with the increasing adoption and utilization of the VxWorks operating system environment

Data Networking

Intelligraphics has broad development expertise in all areas of network drivers for networking technologies that require VxWorks driver support. Our networking team has worked with multi-channel chips and NICs from several of the top manufacturers. Intelligraphics is familiar with data networking and telecommunications protocols from Novell, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Sun, DEC (Compaq) and others. Intelligraphics’ development team is experienced with the architecture, design, development, and implementation of network protocols used in the data networking and telecommunications industry. Intelligraphics can provide system level software and protocol stack development including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, ATM, TCP/IP, SONET, and a variety of other protocols. Intelligraphics experience in wireless connectivity (802.11 and Bluetooth) and in other networking technologies including MAC firmware development make us a valuable partner in VxWorks driver development for networking devices.

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