Metro and Smart Cities  Safe Transportation, Efficient Government

In the connected city of the future, open parking spaces will tell drivers their location, conserving fuel and reducing emissions, and garbage cans will tell trash collectors when they’re full, saving unnecessary trips from sanitation trucks. Streetlights will conserve energy by turning off when no one’s around, and a range of on-the-spot mobility options will be at people’s fingertips—be it train, bus, car, bike, or taxi—ready for purchase and recommended for users based on current availability and traffic conditions.

Intelligraphics Intelligent Roaming solutions link together networks, devices, and data to connect the unconnected—allowing data to be securely gathered, exchanged, stored, and analyzed. Thousands of everyday objects can serve as data receivers, transmitters, and processors. This intelligent infrastructure can feed information into a network of interconnected systems that work in concert to improve efficiency and coordinate services.

  • Integrated Security and Authorization – Interconnect with Wi-Fi disparate mobile and stationary devices and systems, all protected by enterprise-level security.
  • Fleet Management and Tracking – Use telematics to track and schedule drivers, optimize routing, and save fuel costs while reducing wear and tear on vehicles and improving customer service.
  • Passenger Security – Proactively surveil and monitor metro transportation stations, moving trains, buses, and other public transit services.