Texas Instruments 3RD Party Network

Intelligraphics is proud to partner with Texas Instruments to deliver the most optimized experiences on the OMAP platform. From smartphones to tablets, and e-readers to enterprise and industrial applications, TI’s smart multicore OMAP processors provide a scalable, high-performance ultra-low power platform that absolutely delivers the experience users expect…while unleashing the unexpected. If it’s mobile, it’s made best with OMAP technology and Intelligraphics Drivers.

TI Development Platforms

• Beagle series – Beagle, BeagleBone, BeagleBone Black Sitara
• Blaze OMAP4
• Blaze 2 tablet
• Panda OMAP4
• Logic PD DM3730/AM3703 Zoom Torpedo
• Gumstix
• OMAP4 based high-end handsets & tablets

TI Wilink Projects

• Wi-Fi packet sniffing solutions on WiLink based handsets and tablets for Android and Linux
• CCX certification support
• Wi-Fi certification support

TI CC3K Embedded Wi-Fi Driver Projects

• Ported the CC3k Wi-Fi driver to numerous MCU’s:

  1. Atmel AVR32
  2. Renesas RX62N/RX63N
  3. STM32

• Provided SSL support for CC3k on Stellaris.
• Provided an AT command based virtual modem command set layer for CC3k on Stellaris
• Supported CC3k on All Mainstream Microprocessors• Extend CC3k support into market segments with low power applications
• Demonstrated the integration of a CC3K with temperature sensor on multiple MCUs
• Over the air firmware for upgrading the MCU and/or CC3k firmware
• Over the air configuration (OTC) of wireless parameters like SSID, PSK etc.
• SSL Support on CC3k
• Support for TLS 1.1
• Implemented on Stellaris LM4F232
• Matrix SSL ported to No-OS

Intelligraphics engineering team works to complement TI’s embedded processors by offering comprehensive operating system support from leading high-level operating systems like Linux®, Windows® Embedded Compact and CE, Android™, and real-time operating systems like DSP/BIOS™ kernel, SYS/BIOS™, Integrity®, QNX®, Nucleus®, and VxWorks®.

IGX Bloodhound Mobile Wi-Fi Sniffer

Intelligraphics wireless engineering team has created a truly robust portable Mobile Hardware Sniffer utilizing Texas Instrument’s WiLink 6.0, Wilink 7.0 and Wilink 8.0 based mobile platforms. TI’s smart multicore OMAP processors provide a scalable, high-performance ultra-low power platform that delivers the performance users expect. The IGX Bloodhound Mobile Wi-Fi Sniffer boasts a single Wi-fi driver that doubles as a Wi-Fi sniffer, or as a regular Wi-fi driver and supports Linux 3.x Kernel, along with multiple android version including Android Gingerbread, Android ICS and Jellybean revisions.
The Bloodhound offers a dynamic packet filtering configuration for optimized sniffing performance and highly customized packet sniffing selections. .It supports injection along with fine tuning parameters including control on full header and radio parameters associated with injection, including channel, rate, power of each injected packet etc.

IGX Pre Certified Wi-Fi and CCX Client Driver

Intelligraphics provides  pre-Wi-Fi and CCX certified client driver cores for various Operating Systems:

• WinCE6.0 with Wilink 6
• WEC7 driver for Wilink 6 and Wilink 7 and Wilink 8
• CCX enabled driver for Android and Linux
• Fast roaming support
• Production tool support for radio configuration

IGX AT+FI Wi-Fi Modem Command Set

The IGXVirtual Wi-Fi Modem Command set reduces development time, cuts costs, saves board space, eases certification requirements, and minimizes the expertise required to get a Wi-Fi based product to market. Based on Texas Instrument’s SimpleLink™ CC3000, it requires no custom driver to write and has a low CPU/memory footprint. The IGX Virtual Modem Command is your first choice when developing a wireless product that uses the “AT” Command Interface.