Tablet Services  Developing low level software for Tablets calls for a broad range of skills. Intelligraphics engineers have created utilities and applications, drivers and firmware for Android, iPad, and Windows devices. We create Custom APIs, control panels, touch screens, system utilities and end user applications for customers worldwide. One-stop shopping for your Tablet needs.

Intelligraphics has direct experience with most of the graphics and audio hardware found in Tablets. We have delivered projects that featured multimedia streaming technologies, including MPEG-2 and MPEG4, RealAudio, and many others. Intelligraphics’ Windows Reference Driver Kit contains many of the drivers needed by manufacturers, including display, storage and networking device drivers. These drivers are available for license and can be ported to any other operating system. Intelligraphics provides communications and networking solutions for Tablets and Smartphones . We have developed device drivers for IrDA, RF, modem, networking, and USB hardware. Intelligraphics also has experience in system level software development for Bluetooth devices. We have developed projects for TCP/IP and other protocols. Tablet Services  As the lines between Laptops, tablets, and cell phones begin to blur Intelligraphics offers manufacturers all the necessary software. Intelligraphics has world class expertise in the development of wireless and telecommunications hardware. We have developed APIs, utilities, applications, control panels, touch screens, system utilities and end user applications, Intelligraphics has implemented both the functionality and GUI interface for numerous applications. Our engineering team provides both custom development services and porting services, helping you move your existing software to any new operating system.

• graphics• audio/multimedia

• touch screen

• IrDA

• RF / Bluetooth• networking

• modem


• TCP/IP, protocol development• wireless

• API development

• application development

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