Spectral Scan

Spectral scan snapshots are the FFT (Fast Fourier Transforms) of a channel used to estimate the

electromagnetic activity found thereon. The FFT provides a channel scan for non 802.11 interferences

and a full spectrum of associated channels and can be completed in few seconds. Each device sharing unlicensed spectrum with Wi-Fi devices has a unique spectral signature which can be used to identify these devices.


  • We provide Spectral Scan Service for all PCI and USB chipset solutions.
  • We provide a programmable rate at which spectral snapshots of a channel are passed to the software.
  • Our software can start and stop spectral scan on priority basis even if it is lower than the wireless packet transmission/reception by giving higher priority to spectral scan functionality over wireless packet transmission/reception.
  • We provide combined support for Wireless LAN and Spectral scan operations.
  • Support for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7&8 and Linux OS’s
  • Spectral Scan for Atheros PCI 92xx and 93xx chipsets and UB94 Platform Chipsets AR7100 and AR9280 as a specialty.

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