Set Top Boxes and Information Appliances
Makers of set top boxes and other digital entertainment devices turn to Intelligraphics for expertise in embedded system programming, including display, audio, video and streaming technologies. Our embedded software engineering team has provided hardware manufacturers with imaging and graphics-oriented drivers for a variety of systems including 2D and 3D graphics accelerators, point of sale systems, ultrasound and other medical imaging systems, touch screen displays, and electro-luminescent devices.

Intelligraphics provides rotation, multi-monitor, and video/graphic overlay drivers for digital cameras, printers, and scanners. As a preferred provider of system level software for audio and multimedia hardware vendors, Intelligraphics has significant experience in the development of data streaming drivers, firmware and proprietary APIs for both PC and embedded systems.

Our embedded programming team consists of experts in development for audio and processing hardware and codecs, including audio accelerators, AC ’97 digital controllers, and DSP-based audio solutions. Intelligraphics has significant experience in video streaming technologies, including video capture and playback. We have worked with manufacturers on USB driver projects for HID class drivers, scanners, video capture hardware, printers, monitors, hubs, speakers, peripheral controllers and other devices. Intelligraphics can provide driver solutions for IEEE 1394-related devices. Intelligraphics has experience developing and modifying software support for devices on the Windows platform.

Some early projects included digital cameras and motor controllers for the Windows 2000 operating system and our development team can provide support for many other projects as 1394-related devices emerge in the marketplace. We work with companies to provide complete system integration services for their unique hardware. We have developed a library of Windows CE code bases and reference drivers that allow manufacturers of Windows CE systems to easily add system level software support for their hardware devices.

”Our driver kit includes:”

  • Display – Fully accelerated CE driver for C&T HiQVideo graphics controllers
  • BIOS Emulator – Supports all possible display modes of the graphics hardware under CE
  • CE miniDraw Library – API and HAL for DirectDraw on Windows CE
  • IDE/ATA – Supports IDE controllers for common hard disk storage devices / large format drives on CE
  • Multi-monitor – Supports multi-monitor display across virtually all graphics chipsets on CE

Each of these drivers and software components are immediately available for license. Both NRE and run-time licenses are available. Intelligraphics provides both custom development and porting services. We are ready to help port your existing software to new operating systems on target on time.

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