Intelligraphics provides a variety of system level development services, including:

* Device drivers
* Firmware
* Control panel applications
* Access point software
* Feature enhancement
* Localization
* WHQL Pre-submission testing
* Porting hardware to new platforms

In addition to 802.11, the experience of our networking development team extends to areas including Bluetooth, wireless WAN, mobile phone (GSM/TDMA/CDMA) equipment, satellite communications, Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet, xDSL, cable modems, SONET, VoIP and others.

Operating Systems Supported:

* Windows / Windows CE
* MacOS
* Linux / Embedded Linux
* Solaris
* VxWorks
* Nucleus
* PalmOS

Each of our full-time developers has 10 or more years of driver and/or hardware development experience prior to joining Intelligraphics. Virtually all have been through the full product development cycle for products released to the market, from initial requirements and design, through development and testing, and into maintenance and support.

Intelligraphics staffs a QA team, responsible for source tracking, bug tracking, version control, archiving of code, and adherence to procedures. Our development processes have been modeled after ISO 9001 quality procedures and ensure consistent quality and excellent communications.

Senior Software Engineer, with Network Device Driver Experience

Reference: igx3
Location: Richardson, Texas, United States

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