IOT and Retail   Increase Value, Accelerate Connectivity 

Objects at home, on the road, at work, and at play are waiting for re-invention. IoT is the start of how billions of devices will connect and communicate with each other. Retailers have been empowered with new tools to make strategic, informed business decisions to improve operations, create new revenue streams, and enhance customer experiences. Wi-Fi/Bluetooth beacons enable customer tracking as well as the ability to push relevant information to smartphones for a more personalized customer relationship.

Building a successful IoT solution stack requires agile products, services, and expertise. Intelligraphics is developing in conjunction with The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), wireless enabled devices to expand the IoT ecosystem. The interoperability that OCF offers will allow IoT to scale across an abundance of smart things, while delivering compelling, individual experiences.

  • Design for Performance and Ease of Use – Whether you develop smartphones, tablets, televisions, or other smart connected devices, Intelligraphics can reduce the time, effort, and cost of adding advanced features while helping ensure interoperability across devices and operating systems.
  • Seamless Integration – Flexible, easy-to-use API framework and broad OS support means less time coding and more time creating.
  • Connect and Expand – Wi-Fi-enabled smart appliances and devices can dynamically discover and leverage other resources or capabilities from nearby connected devices allowing you to create new use cases and business models that bridge product categories.