Qualcomm 4010 Chipset


The QCA4010 is Qualcomm Atheros’ most integrated and feature-rich intelligent connectivity solution for the IoE. The QCA401x is designed to answer manufacturer demand for increased computing, memory and advanced features while lowering size, cost and power consumption. It features a fully integrated micro controller unit with up to 800KB of on-chip memory available to programmers and an expanded set of interfaces to directly interconnect with sensors, display and actuators, further reducing system cost, size and complexity. In addition, the QCA401x includes a suite of communication protocols including Wi-Fi, IPv6, HTTP and other cloud enablers, and an advanced security feature designed to maximize security in the smallest IoE devices. The QCA401x pairs well with the range of offerings from Qualcomm Atheros connectivity portfolio, including the QCA4002 and QCA4004 solutions.
The QCA4531 is a low-cost turnkey solution that brings high-performance connectivity capabilities with a user-programmable Linux/OpenWRT environment benefiting from an extended range based on 2×2 11n. It is designed to serve as a feature-rich IoE node leveraging the Linux framework and as a hub to enable an IoE Ecosystem. As the IoE ecosystem expands, the QCA4531 is ideal for multi-protocol bridging and communication, bringing together multiple wireless medium and bridging between different ecosystems. The QCA4531 can function as an Access Point supporting up to 16 simultaneous devices, and is also power-optimized to enable appliances to meet international standards for energy efficiency. The QCA4531 is currently shipping.
The QCA401x and QCA4531 come pre-integrated with Allseen Alliance’s AllJoyn® software framework, ensuring interoperability with the rapidly expanding AllJoyn ecosystem that is designed to enable smart devices to communicate locally. The QCA401x enables AllJoyn IoE clients, and the QCA4531 is capable of becoming an AllJoyn IoE hub. Qualcomm 4010 Chipset