Qualcomm Atheros Authorized Design Center


Qualcomm Atheros provides support to its customers through its Authorized Design Centers (ADC).  Intelligraphics, a charter member of the ADC program, empowers its customers with everything needed to quickly evaluate, design, develop, produce, support and maintain their Qualcomm Atheros based Wi-Fi  products by providing:

  • Quick access to data sheets, design guides and reference designs using a streamlined NDA process
  • Off the shelf  Wi-Fi device drivers for most  Qualcomm Atheros chipsets and operating systems (ask us, we probably have it)
  • Custom device driver development, integration and maintenance services
  • Custom firmware development
  • Custom hardware design and integration
  • Production support (with the Qualcomm Atheros Radio Test (ART) tool)
  • FCC certification support
  • Long term maintenance


Third Party License Agreements (TLAs) for access to device driver source code

If you are developing a product that makes use of Qualcomm Atheros  chipsets then you will need support, source code and information.  A Qualcomm Atheros Technology License Agreement (TLA) provides you with:

  • A license to available Qualcomm Atheros device driver source code
  • Data sheets and other documentation
  • Reference designs: schematic, layout, BOM and Gerber files
  • Hands on support from Intelligraphics

Intelligraphics delivers First Class Technology Licensing Agreement (TLA) service with quick turnaround and solid answers to your questions. We provide each customer with a secure, dedicated web portal with convenient access to licensed source code and documentation. 

Qualcomm Atheros Chipsets We Support


  • UB94 (AR9280+AR7010) Dual Band 802.11n 2×2 MIMO USB
  • UB95 (AR9287+AR7010) 2.4GHz 802.11n 2×2 MIMO USB
  • AR9271 2.4GHz 802.11n 1-Stream USB
  • UB134 AR9374 Dual Band 802.11n 2×2 MIMO USB, SDIO, SPI
  • QCA9375 2×2 Dual Band 802.11n Single-Chip MAC/BASEBAND Radio, USB2.0

Low Power Embedded

  • AR4100 2.4GHz 802.11n 1-Stream SPI
  • QCA4002  1×1 Dual Band 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi SOC w/ USB/SDIO/SPI
  • QCA4004 1×1 Dual Band Hostless 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi SOC w/ USB/SDIO/SPI
  • QCA 4010 1×1 Single Band (2.4G); 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi SOC w/SPI, SDIO, I2C, I2S,UART; 400KB SW application memory
  • QCA 4012 1×1 Dual Band  802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi SOC w/SPI, SDIO, I2C, I2S,UART; 800KB SW application memory
  • QCA 4531 A low-power Linux connectivity hub for the Internet of Everything


  • AR6003 Dual Band 802.11n 1-Stream SDIO, SPI
  • AR6004 Dual Band 802.11n 2-Stream USB, SDIO, SPI
  • AR6005 2.4GHz 802.11n 1-Stream SDIO, SPI
  • AR6102 2.4GHz 802.11b/g SDIO, SPI
  • AR6103 2.4GHz 802.11n 1-Stream SDIO, SPI

Wi-Fi + Bluetooth


  • AR9280 Dual Band 802.11n 2×2 MIMO PCIe
  • AR9285 2.4GHz 802.11n 1-Stream PCIe
  • AR9287 2.4GHz 802.11n 2×2 MIMO PCIe
  • AR9380 Dual Band 802.11n 3×3 MIMO PCIe
  • AR9382 Dual Band 802.11n 2×2 MIMO PCIe
  • AR9390 Dual Band 802.11n 3×3 MIMO PCIe i-Temp
  • AR9392 Dual Band 802.11n 2×2 MIMO PCIe
  • AR9580 Dual Band 802.11n 3×3 MIMO PCIe
  • AR9582 Dual Band 802.11n 2×2 MIMO PCIe
  • AR9590 Dual Band 802.11n 3×3 MIMO PCIe
  • AR9592 Dual Band 802.11n 2×2 MIMO PCIe i-Temp
  • AR9550 3×3 Dual Band 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi SoC w/ PCIE
  • QCA9880 5GHz 802.11ac 3×3 MIMO PCIe
  • QCA 9882 2×2 Dual Band 802.11ac/a/b/g/n WiFi Radio w/ PCIE
  • QCA 9887 1X1 802.11ac/a/b/g/n WiFi Radio w/ PCIE

Home Plug 

  • QCA 7000 Home Plug Green Phy 10Mbps Single Chip MAC/PHY XCVR