USB Device Driver Development

Intelligraphics’ engineers are experts at USB Device Driver Development, having provided dozens of USB driver and firmware solutions for over a decade. Intelligraphics has implemented these solutions on a variety of PC and embedded operating systems and platforms including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 , Windows 8, Linux (PC and embedded), Windows CE, Symbian,… Read More

Hardware Development Services

Our engineering staff is unsurpassed at creating custom hardware products using the most cost effective methods. We solve the technical complexity’s and time to market issues that help make our customers tops in their field. Our world class system level software development expertise helps us provide the best solutions for turning your concepts into reality.We… Read More

Linux Device Driver Development

Technology companies throughout the PC and embedded systems industries are all interested in Linux and embedded Linux. These companies need Linux driver solutions and they turn to Intelligraphics for their Linux development needs. Intelligraphics is familiar with all releases of the Linux operating system. Our engineers have supplied Linux device driver support for many industry-leading… Read More

Windows Device Driver Development

Intelligraphics’ Device Driver Development Services now includes Windows 8 and Windows 10! We built our reputation by developing the highest quality device drivers,firmware and software for all Microsoft Operating Systems. From Windows 1.0 and early versions of Windows CE to Windows Phone, Windows 95 to Windows 7, Windows 8 and Now Windows 10 our world… Read More

Set Top Boxes and Information Appliances

Makers of set top boxes and other digital entertainment devices turn to Intelligraphics for expertise in embedded system programming, including display, audio, video and streaming technologies. Our embedded software engineering team has provided hardware manufacturers with imaging and graphics-oriented drivers for a variety of systems including 2D and 3D graphics accelerators, point of sale systems,… Read More

IGX Wireless In Medicine

  Thanks to radio-frequency (RF) wireless technology, many of today’s medical devices are realizing significant benefits. For patients, wireless provides them more mobility in the healthcare facility. Most important, healthcare technicians can remotely and accurately monitor and update the devices to improve patient outcomes, while doctors monitor patient data from anywhere. In fact, studies have… Read More

Network Driver Development

Many hardware vendors of data networking and telecom devices turn to Intelligraphics for system level software development. Intelligraphics provides firmware, middleware, custom device driver and protocol stack development services for a variety of communication technologies, including Ethernet, ATM, T1/E1/J1, xDSL and others. Intelligraphics’ development team possesses broad development expertise in all areas of network driver… Read More

Kiosk and Point-of-Sale Systems

  20 +Years of experience in display, multimedia and input device drivers, allow us to deliver the highest quality software critical to kiosk, cash register, and other point-of-sale systems. We provide display solutions, including rotation, multi-monitor, and video/graphic overlay drivers, for a variety of operating systems. We offer custom development and provide licensing of our… Read More