WEC7 Wi-Fi and CCXv4 Certified 2×2 11n Driver for Qualcomm AR9592 Chipsets

The Intelligraphics engineering team has developed a fully   Wi-Fi certified WEC7 2×2 802.11n series driver for Qualcomm AR9592 chipsets the IGX AR9DC. The Qualcomm Atheros 9592 chpiset is a highly integrated single chip solution designed for 2.4 or 5 GHZ 802.11n Wireless Local Area Networks enabling high performance 2×2 MIMO. The IGXAR9DC was developed… Read More

Intelligraphics IGX WiLink 8 Driver Suite

  The TI WiLink 8 module family enables manufacturers to easily add fully integrated 2.4- and 5-GHz versions of Wi-Fi and dual-mode Bluetooth 4.0 solutions to embedded applications. The new highly integrated module family offers high throughput and extended industrial temperature range with robust Wi-Fi and Bluetooth coexistence. WiLink 8 modules are perfect for power-optimized… Read More

Intelligraphics Inc. Renews Membership in the Wi-Fi Alliance®

Intelligraphics Inc, an industry leader in Wi-Fi® device driver and firmware solutions, today announced it has renewed its membership in the Wi-Fi Alliance®, a global non-profit industry association with the goal of delivering the best end-user experience with Wi-Fi products regardless of brand. “Powered by Intelligraphics” makes it easy to add the power of Wi-Fi… Read More

Intelligraphics Inc Announces The Bloodhound, a Wi-Fi Packet Sniffer/Injector Software Suite for Wireless Network Development, Maintenance and Surveillance

Bloodhound Sniffer/Injector is the “Swiss Army Knife” toolkit for every Wi-Fi development, maintenance or surveillance team. The Sniffer passively “listens” and “records” information exchanged in a particular Wi-Fi channel while the Injector device is active and can be used to transmit data in a the channel to record and analyze the response. Richardson, Texas (PRWEB)… Read More

IntelliBench-RTOS For Safety Critical Audio Development

 IntelliBench-RTOS Safety Critical Audio Development Tool Intelligraphics is proud to present the first Windows based network driven test framework for the Deos RTOS, IntelliBench-RTOS. This test framework will allow driver developers and platform integrators to test and verify results from their drivers with a few days of effort instead of the man-months required to create… Read More

Atheros AR4100

 Intelligraphics offers updated Driver Cores for the Qualcomm Atheros AR4100, QCA4002 and QCA4004 on a variety of microprocessors and operating systems. The QCA4002 and QCA4004 The QCA4002/4004 are full-featured, dual-band, single stream 802.11n solutions. The highly-integrated Wi-Fi link includes an energy efficient on-board power amplifier and LNA. For the 2.4 GHz band, RF switches are… Read More

Safety Critical Levels

What are the Safety Critical Levels and what do they mean? Level A: Software whose anomalous behavior, as shown by the system safety assessment process, would cause or contribute to a failure of system function resulting in a catastrophic failure condition for the aircraft. Level B: Software whose anomalous behavior, as shown by the system… Read More