Modem Driver Development  Intelligraphics’ multimedia team works with hardware manufacturers in both the PC and embedded systems industry to create quality communications support for their hardware devices. We have delivered projects involving numerous communications devices, from hardware and software modems to IrDA and serial devices. PC, PDA, and embedded operating systems and are a specialty.

Custom Windows CE Telephony Service Provider (TSPI)

Intelligraphics offers a custom Windows CE TSP that provides a seamless solution for wireless communication devices to communicate with their wireless service providers.This custom TSP provides both a TSPI interface and a standard Windows CE stream driver interface for custom operations. The TSPI interface provides standard TAPI or RAS applications the ability to establish modem connections and the stream interface provides a custom interface for things such as: retrieving modem and connection status, launching control services, and creating notification events between client applications and the TSP.In addition this custom TSP provides an abstraction for the hardware interfaces to make it easily portable across different underlying hardware platforms and the solution may be integrated into the Windows CE image itself or may be dynamically loaded off storage media, such as an SD/MMC card.The Telephony API implementation in Windows CE is a subset of the Microsoft Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) version 2.0 and some parts of TAPI version 2.1. TAPI provides an application programming interface (API) that simplifies and abstracts the details of making telephony connections between two or more devices. TAPI abstracts call-control functionality to allow different, and seemingly incompatible, communication protocols to expose a common interface to applications through its support of telephony service providers (TSPs) *.

Modem / Communications Driver Development

Intelligraphics’ developers have implemented communications solutions that include serial driver flow control and handshaking, DSL, UART emulation layer, implementation of Ring-0 RSA logic, and support for standard COMM IOCTLs and unimodem TAPI. We provides system level software and device drivers to support joysticks and HID peripherals, mass storage hardware, and parallel and serial ports.
Modem / Communications Driver Development
[section=Controllerless and Software Modem Driver Development]
A softmodem is a simple interface designed to act as a digital-to-analog and an analog-to-digital converter and replaces tasks traditionally handled with hardware. In some applications, the lack of Operating System compatibility and the amount of resources used by the softmodem can create numerous problems. Historically manufacturers and OEM’s turn to Intelligraphics when they decide to use controllerless and software modems for their hardware communication products. We recently announced the development of the IGXVirtual Wi-Fi Modem to reduce development time, cut costs, save board space, ease certification requirements and minimize the expertise required to get our customers Wi-Fi products to market.


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