IGX Wireless In Medicine

Thanks to radio-frequency (RF) wireless technology, many of today’s medical devices are realizing significant benefits. For patients, wireless provides them more mobility in the healthcare facility. Most important, healthcare technicians can remotely and accurately monitor and update the devices to improve patient outcomes, while doctors monitor patient data from anywhere. In fact, studies have shown that real-time, remote monitoring of patients with chronic diseases has helped detect changes before serious consequences occur.

Medical device manufacturers who use RF wireless technology need a trusted Wi-Fi solutions partner that can take them to the next level of connectivity, security, and reliability. Intelligraphics is the provider of choice for the most technically advanced and innovative mobile, embedded, and medical Wi-Fi device driver development services. Our fast, seamless Wi-Fi roaming solutions for TI WiLink™ and select Qualcomm® chipsets allow you and your customers to see more and do more, while keeping wireless connections protected.

IGX Intelligent Roaming uniquely delivers a seamless end-user experience through innovative optimizations that reduce the time needed for reconnection to less than 100 milliseconds. By quickly selecting the optimal access point, wireless reliability and Quality of Service (QoS) are greatly improved because applications do not sense a network drop.

When it comes to beaconing and packet sniffing applications, the IGX Bloodhound packet sniffer/injector provides the “Swiss Army Knife” toolkit that law enforcement, mission critical, and IT departments need to analyze, categorize, and opimize Wi-Fi traffic.

Solutions and Services

  • Customized Wi-Fi device driver development for TI WiLink™ and select Qualcomm® chipsets
  • Ready to deploy Wi-Fi IP and integrated solutions
  • Firmware development
  • Integrated, intelligent roaming hardware modules
  • Wi-Fi packet sniffing, injection, and monitoring
  • Advanced wireless features including 802.11e, 802.11i, and 802.11h
  • Implementation of 802.11k, 802.11r, 802.11s, and 802.11v
  • Enhanced roaming for pico-cell environments
  • FIPS support
  • Security protocols including WPA, WPA2,802.1x, and EAP TTLS
  • Cisco CCX support and pre-certification testing
  • Wi-Fi Alliance pre-certification development
  • Advanced RF noise mitigation
  • Antenna diversity and coexistence
  • Advanced diagnostics

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