Linux Development Services  20 years of experience in Linux Kernel Driver Development enables Intelligraphics to offer the most comprehensive set of services available to electronic product development companies worldwide. From Custom designs for 2D and 3D hardware, video/MPEG, smart card readers, modems, HID devices, touch screen hardware, and bus technologies to innovative Linux system level code bases and development kits, Intelligraphics provides the shortest path to market for your Linux product.


Linux Device Driver Development

Technology companies throughout the PC and embedded systems industries are all interested in Linux and embedded Linux. When companies need Linux driver solutions they turn to us.  Intelligraphics is familiar with all releases of the Linux operating system. Our engineers have supplied Linux device driver support for many industry-leading companies. Intelligraphics is a leading provider of Linux device driver development services in the Linux driver industry and has extensive Linux development experience. Intelligraphics’ system level development experience on the Linux platform includes a wide variety of PC, workstation and embedded system technologies. Intelligraphics has actively followed the growth of Linux and is familiar with the ongoing development of this dynamic .

Linux Audio / Multimedia Driver Development

Intelligraphics is also a premier provider of audio and multimedia driver development services for Linux. Intelligraphics provides development services for complete Linux audio solutions. Our team has experience with full duplex playback and record as well as full mixer controls. Intelligraphics also has performed recent projects based on the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA), one of the most popular Linux audio platforms available today. Many companies are also looking for USB drivers and support for USB on the Linux operating system. Our development team can work with you to maximize the available support for your USB device on the Linux platform.

Digital Imaging Driver Development

Many manufactures now require device driver development to support hardware for both consumer and professional level digital imaging devices. Intelligraphics team of senior engineers can develop reliable, high performance Linux drivers for imaging devices.

Linux Networking Driver Development

Intelligraphics also has vast experience in data networking. Our networking team has worked with multi-channel chips and NICs from several of the top manufacturers. Our broad development expertise in all areas of network drivers keeps Intelligraphics at the forefront of Linux networking technologies. Intelligraphics experience in wireless connectivity (802.11 and Bluetooth) and in other networking technologies make us a valuable partner in Linux device driver development for networking devices.

Other Driver Development Services

Intelligraphics also works with clients to apply our vast technology experience to the Linux environment. We can work with you to provide Linux support for video/MPEG hardware, smart card readers, modems, HID devices, storage, touch screen hardware, a variety of bus technologies (PCI, parallel, serial, ISA, VME, CompactPCI) and other technologies. In addition, our embedded systems engineers remain at the forefront of technology as embedded Linux gains popularity in the embedded systems arena.

Linux Driver Code Bases / Development Kits

Intelligraphics offers hardware manufacturers a set of innovative Linux system level code bases. These code bases were specifically designed by Intelligraphics’ engineers to dramatically reduce development time and time-to-market for our customers in selected technology areas. NRE licenses are available. Contact us for information regarding our innovative Linux code bases and development kits.

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