Intelligraphics Qualcomm Atheros Linux Wi-Fi Driver (802.11a/b/g/n/ac)  Our many years of experience in Linux Kernel Driver Development enables Intelligraphics to offer the most comprehensive set of services available to electronic product development companies worldwide. From custom designs for 2D and 3D hardware, video/MPEG, smart card readers, modems, HID devices, touch screen hardware, and bus technologies to innovative Linux system-level code bases and development kits, Intelligraphics provides the shortest path to market for your Linux product. Combine our ongoing relationship with Qualcomm Atheros with years of Linux Driver Development experience and you can easily see why Intelligraphics is the first choice in device driver development products and services.


Basic Features:

• Fully Compliant with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac standards

• Supports multiple Linux Kernel Versions

• Complete host based software MLME

• Modular Hardware Layer (HAL Layer)

• Both Adhoc and Infrastructure modes

• Advanced Roaming

• Selectable Preamble (Long/Short/Auto)

• Tx and Rx Antenna Selections (1, 2 or Both)

• Selectable Transmit Data Rate

• Fragmentation/Reassembly

• Statistics support

• Power-Save Mode support

Security Features:

• WEP Encryption support for 64/128/152 bit modes with Open/Shared Key Authentication modes

• EAP (802.1x RADIUS Server) Authentication with external agent like wpa-supplicant (EAP TTLS, PEAP, LEAP)

• Supports WPA Key-Management with TKIP encryption

• Supports WPA2 Key-Management with AES encryption

Advanced Features:

• Spectrum Management DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) 802.11h compliance

• Transmit Power-Control (TPC) following regulatory-constraints on Tx-Power in 5GHz Spectrum

• QoS WMM support

• Supports 802.11a SuperA (with/without Turbo mode) & 802.11g SuperG (with/without Turbo mode)

Additional Driver Features:

• Supports both Background/Foreground Scanning

• IPW (Intel-Pro Wireless) interface for WPA-Supplicant interaction with client driver

• Selectable among five pre-defined Roaming-Policies, each one with different set of RSSI and data-rate thresholds. Possible to select one that suits/fits end-user application Wi-Fi

• Update on current Absolute signal-strength to estimate AP-Station Link quality

• Extensive ioctl support along with proprietary private-ioctls (iwpriv) interface

The Intelligraphics ixathcfg script works with the driver to support:

Provides simple command-line script to abstract the complexity involved in using iwconfig/iwpriv interfaces for each individual set/get.

• Single command with multiple options to establish initial connection

• Selection of combination a/b/g protocols to control the channels to scan and APs to connect

• Selection Authentication Algorithm (Open/Shared Key)

• Other parameters Setting:

• Network BSSID

• Selection of Infrastructure/Ad-Hoc

• Channel

• IP Address

• Security Option Selection (None, WEP Key Setting)

• Selection of 64/128 bit WEP mode

An Original Atheros Authorized Design Center (ADC)

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