Intelligraphics exhibits its new IGXLine of custom hardware and software products at Design West 2013
Richardson TX April 16, 2013 – Intelligraphics Inc. will exhibit its new IGXLine of custom hardware and software products at Design West 2013 on April 23rd. IGXLine is a unique blend of innovative, high performance, and cost effective custom products and services specifically designed to get your products to the marketplace more economically and faster.

IGXFlex High Performance Windows User Mode Driver Kit

Intelligraphics has taken some of the most robust and high-performance coding techniques available and created a library that can push the limits of PCIe hardware from user-space. IGXFlex is the ideal choice for data acquisition solutions on Windows supporting high bandwidth, low latency transfers with asynchronous notification and overrun detection. Client applications shouldn’t have to wait for multiple layers of the OS to copy and recopy data – it should be presented almost immediately after it becomes available. That’s what IGXFlex does.

IGXBloodhound Mobile Wi-Fi Net Sniffer

Intelligraphics engineering team announces a mobile Wi-Fi sniffer solution utilizing the TI WL127x / WL128x series mobile Wi-Fi chipsets to create a truly unique portable Mobile Hardware Sniffer. It features a single Wi-Fi driver that can either act as a Wi-Fi net sniffer, or as a regular Wi-Fi driver. The IGXBloodhound Net Sniffer captures all 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi frames, makes available Infrastructure specific metadata on a per packet basis, decodes encrypted frames, supports injection and has an intermediate buffer driver to enhance performance. It supports Linux 3.x Kernel, Android Gingerbread and Android ICS. The included API makes it easy for application developers to interface their application to the sniffer.

IGXUniversal MiniPCI Wi-Fi Adapter and Device Driver adds 802.11n Dual Band Wi-Fi Connectivity to any Device using any Operating System

Does your product utilize a non-mainstream operating system and/or processor that doesn’t have a Wi-Fi device driver? Are your volumes too small to justify the cost of developing an expensive Wi-Fi device driver for your product? Intelligraphics has developed a breakthrough product that utilizes the Realtek RTL8139 Ethernet device driver present on most devices to provide Wi-Fi connectivity. Our solution provides 802.11n dual band high speed connectivity over a PCI or Mini PCI bus without having to develop an expensive Wi-Fi device driver. Even if your processor/OS doesn’t have a Realtek device driver, it is very easy and inexpensive to port.

IGXVirtual Wi-Fi Modem Command Set

The IGXVirtual Wi-Fi Modem Command Set reduces development time, cuts costs, saves board space, eases certification requirements, and minimizes the amount of expertise required to get a Wi-Fi based product to market. It is based on Texas Instrument’s SimpleLink™ CC3000, a self-contained wireless Wi-Fi solution that was designed to simplify the process of implementing internet connectivity. With no custom driver to write and a lower CPU/memory footprint the IGX Virtual Modem Command is your first choice when developing a wireless product that uses the “AT” Command Interface.

Recognized as an industry leader for over 20 years, Intelligraphics’ Engineering Team provides a variety of expert hardware development, driver and firmware development and system integration services to a worldwide customer base. Intelligraphics offers significant expertise in a variety of real-time operating systems and hardware technologies. Specialties include USB, Audio, 2D and 3D Graphics, and Wi-Fi driver development. Intelligraphics is a Microsoft Certification Test Facility and has offices in Richardson TX and Bangalore India.

Please drop by Booth 746 at Design West in San Jose and meet our Director of Engineering, Robert Manley and discuss how Intelligraphics Engineering Team can help get your products to the marketplace in an economical timely manner.

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