Austin, TX June 15, 2016, Intelligraphics Inc., the industry leader in intelligent fast-roaming solutions and development services, today announced the Bloodhound Wi-Fi Sniffer/Injector for the Texas Instruments WiLink™ 6.0, 7.0, and 8.0 series mobile Wi-Fi chipsets (TI WL127x/WL128x/WL18xx). The IGX Bloodhound Sniffer/Injector provides the “Swiss Army Knife” toolkit that law enforcement, mission critical, and IT departments need to analyze and categorize Wi-Fi traffic. Obtaining the highest performance and tightest security of a Wi-Fi installation requires having precise control of the wireless network with provisions for debugging and continuous monitoring.

The sniffer passively listens to and records information exchanged in a targeted Wi-Fi channel, while the injector remains active and transmits data into the channel to record and analyze the response. Sniffer and injector technology allow law enforcement agencies to target and proactively surveil Wi-Fi communications in real-time so they can make informed decisions, both remotely and while at the mission location. As a result, agencies can more effectively identify and evaluate threats, prevent casualties, and protect critical infrastructure through proactive intelligence and improved situational awareness.

IGX Bloodhound provides:

  • A single Wi-Fi Driver that acts as either a sniffer/injector or a stand-alone driver
  • API interface to configure and control the sniffer/injector operations
  • Infrastructure-specific metadata on per-packet basis
  • Hardware/software-layer packet filters
  • Support for all 802.11 Wi-Fi and sub-type packet filters
  • Records captured packets with standard RadioTap header support (in .pcap format)
  • API support to accept or reject error frames during capture
  • Agile design architecture for additional buffering support
  • 11 frame decoding with user input for encryption type, keys and session variables
  • Full-featured 802.11 Wi-Fi packet injection support and BT coexistence
  • Zero back-off injector feature
  • Combo designs for different requirements and off-the-shelf solutions

“Our customized software can be found in Wi-Fi security solutions used by law enforcement and other agencies, ruggedized equipment for mission-critical operations, and asset protection used by industrial, medical, and logistics operations. By leveraging the power of IGX sniffer and injector technologies, customers can potentially save lives, reduce threats to infrastructure, and improve security,” said Scott Lawson, President of Intelligraphics.

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