Intelligraphics Inc. Announces the Release of the IGXFLEX for Windows 10 Intelligraphics Announces the Release of the IGXFLEX High Performance Windows User Mode Driver Kit for Windows 10!

Intelligraphics Inc. today announced the release of the updated IGXFLEX High Performance Windows User Mode Driver Kit for Windows 10!  IGXFLEX is now fully compatible with all versions of Windows, from XP to Win 10 in both 32 and 64-bit.


IGXFLEX is the ideal choice for data acquisition solutions on Windows supporting high bandwidth, low latency transfers with asynchronous notification and overrun detection. Client applications shouldn’t have to wait for multiple layers of the OS to copy and recopy data – it should be presented almost immediately after it becomes available. That’s what IGXFLEX does.


IGXFLEX wins in Performance: Advanced event signaling and data transfer architecture put it miles ahead of the competition in performance. Stop forcing applications to wait for data to be copied over and over while moving from kernel to user-space and back. Get low-latency notifications to enable faster analysis and feedback in a data acquisition application.


IGXFLEX wins in Features: A single OEM branded driver binary makes certification and distribution simpler. ISA board setup and driver configuration is a breeze with the new GUI application. Choose the events and the exact time of notification. Evolve applications from simple data movement to advanced low-latency analysis with hardware feedback.


IGXFLEX wins in Stability: Designed from the ground up in KMDF with all the best features that architecture provides and none of the race conditions present in legacy codebases. Enable and disable each device separately from device manager like any custom developed kernel mode driver – try this with other frameworks.


“Intelligraphics has been developing drivers for a variety of devices and operating systems since 1992. Our expertise with advanced kernel mode driver techniques has allowed us to create a unique tool which simplifies device driver development and brings never seen before performance.” Said  Intelligraphics President Scott Lawson. “IGXFLEX will have its first public showing at Design West 2013 in San Jose, CA April 23rd-25th in booth 734.”


A recognized leader in low level software development, Intelligraphics products can be found in Communication Devices, Aircraft, Transportation, Medicine, Heavy Industry, Warehousing, Ruggedized Equipment, Secure Controls, Metering Devices, and Navigation Systems. Intelligraphics IGX Wireless Engineering team is experienced using a wide variety operating systems and platforms, can trouble shoot most any problem, generate bids for end-to-end projects, or add senior-level manpower to an existing product development team.

Intelligraphics is a Wi-Fi Alliance Member, a Texas Instruments 3rd Party Development Partner, a Qualcomm Atheros Authorized Design Center and Features Wi-Fi Pre Certification testing, Microsoft Certification Testing Services and offers CCX development and testing services with offices in Richardson TX and Bangalore India.




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