December 28, 2015 Intelligraphics and Netclearance Systems Collaborate to Demonstrate IGX Bloodhound Sniffer Technology Enabling mBeacon3 Smart Beacon Hardware at CES Jan 6-9 in Las Vegas NV.

Intelligraphics and Netclearance Systems, leaders in the field of Wi-Fi Smart Beacon technology for high reliability systems, today announced a joint partnership to exhibit the capabilities of the IGX Bloodhound Driver Suite, the mBeacon3 Smart Beacon and Texas Instruments WiLink 8 Chipset technologies in Texas Instruments Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall Meeting rooms # N115, N116,N118, N119  at CES 2016 in Las Vegas Nevada  January 6-9.

Wi-Fi is the de facto communication standard in homes, public areas, offices and in industrial sites. Products designed to monitor these Wi-Fi networks rely on a stable, reliable, technically advanced Wi-Fi packet monitoring (sniffer) and packet injection solution.  The IGX Bloodhound Sniffer/Injector enables such products to passively “listen” and record the information exchanged on any Wi-Fi channel, and the Injector feature can be used to transmit custom Wi-Fi packets The IGX  Bloodhound Driver Suite is currently deployed in numerous mobile proximity marketing and analytics products and is being used by various defense and law enforcement agencies to provide greater security by monitoring Wi-Fi  traffic for threats.

Netclearance’s mBeacon3 is the industry’s first PC (Proximity Computer) with a 1Ghz processor running embedded Linux and integrated Wi-Fi (802.11) and BLE radio technology. Small, compact, wall-plate-mountable form factor easily installs indoors and outdoors with remote monitoring and maintenance through cloud-based management. The mBeacon3 using Texas Instruments WiLink 8 technology also supports a variety of connectivity options via integrated Wi-Fi, Ethernet (PoE) and Cellular. The mBeacon3 supports a variety of business optimization applications such as offline analytics, mobile engagement, workforce management, asset tracking and logistics  was designed for retailers, mall operators, entertainment and sports venues, hospitality, public transportation, healthcare facilities and others who wanted to understand how people enter, interact, move through and exit physical spaces.

Netclearance Systems, Inc. the leading provider of cloud-based in-venue mobile proximity marketing, engagement and analytics solutions, offers state-of-the-art wireless proximity beacon technology and software to drive real-time customer and workplace insight for optimized decisions and increased margins. Founded in 2011, Netclearance is headquartered in San Diego, California

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Intelligraphics (IGX), Inc. is the leading provider of advanced Wi-Fi packet monitoring and packet injection solutions, and secure mobile enterprise Wi-Fi solutions with advanced features such as CCX, enhanced security and advanced roaming. Intelligraphics is a member of the Wi-Fi Alliance, a Texas Instruments 3rd Party Development Partner, a Qualcomm Atheros Authorized Design Center and offers Wi-Fi Alliance pre-certification testing, Microsoft HCK certification testing and CCX pre-certification testing with offices in Richardson, TX and Bangalore, India.

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