Austin TX March 30, 2017, Intelligraphics Inc., the industry leader in intelligent fast-roaming solutions and development services announces an Advanced Roaming Driver Suite designed to support cutting edge wireless medical technology on Texas Instruments WiLink™ 8 modules.

Improving patient outcomes, meeting stringent compliance mandates, and reducing costs are key health care provider requirements. To meet these objectives, the medical industry is accelerating the integration of Radio Frequency (RF) mobile devices into all facets of their workflow—from implantable devices, to mobile diagnostic equipment, and even facility automation to make hospitals “smart”. To meet this challenge, medical device manufacturers are looking to offer solutions that are faster, provide reliable connectivity, and deliver tight data security.

According to the FDA, the use of RF wireless technology can translate into significant advances in health care. Wireless medical devices deliver a wide range of benefits. These include increasing patient mobility by eliminating wires, providing staff the ability to remotely program devices, and enabling physicians to remotely monitor patient data, regardless of the location of the patient or physician.

A part of the TI WiLink™ 8 high-performance Wi-Fi® + Bluetooth®/Bluetooth low energy portfolio, the WL1837MOD is an industrial-grade Wi-Fi dual-band, 2.4- and 5-GHz, BT, and BLE module with two antennas. It supports multiple hardware, software, and operating systems, providing the flexibility, reliability, and throughput medical device manufacturers are looking for.

Intelligraphics driver suites for wireless medical devices enable:

  • 11, BlueTooth (BT), and BlueTooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Improved Quality of Service (QoS) and data throughput
  • Coexistence with IT infrastructure, infrastructure agnostic

Enterprise-level Security to Help Protect Patients and Assets

Manufacturers of medical devices that potentially could be affected by cybersecurity threats should be extremely vigilant. Intelligraphics provides enterprise-grade security at the point where the hardware and software interact—the device driver and firmware to insure that manufacturers of medical devices that potentially could be affected by cybersecurity threats are protected.

Intelligraphics security solutions include Extensible Authentication Protocol, Transport Layer Security (EAP-TLS). EAP-TLS is one of the best supported methods used by enterprise security vendors. The biggest strength of EAP-TLS is its leverage of public key infrastructure (PKI), or certificates, which provides a secure and well-known way to authenticate and authorize users for network access.

Wi-Fi-enabled medical devices such as X-ray, sonography, insulin meters, and other assets can benefit from optimized 802.11 and BT/BLE solutions built upon TI WiLink™ 8 to meet stringent requirements. The development team at Intelligraphics provides unique device driver, firmware and RF optimization expertise to help wireless medical device manufacturers deliver the most performance, Wi-Fi reliability, and IT coexistence from their products.

“Wi-Fi-enabled medical solutions require secure, reliable, and flexible connectivity. Partners that leverage our intelligent roaming device drivers can accelerate their time-to-market while providing a high-quality and robust Wi-Fi solution to their customers,” said Scott Lawson, President of Intelligraphics.

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