Intelligent Roaming Software for Qualcomm® Industrial-Grade Wi-Fi Chipsets

Intelligraphics adds support for Qualcomm® AR9390, AR9592, and QCA9890 industrial-grade chipsets as part of a wider portfolio of Wi-Fi solutions. IGX device drivers bring 802.11ac/b/g/n connectivity, up to 1.3 Gb/s data rates, and seamless intelligent roaming into an integrated, secure, and flexible Wi-Fi solution.

The fusion of IGX intelligent roaming with the Qualcomm® chipset enables enterprises to maintain persistent connectivity of their mobility-driven assets with key application, database, and network infrastructure. Businesses can track, manage, and analyze the state of critical assets in real-time so they can make smarter decisions, faster. IGX device drivers provide an infrastructure-agnostic solution so enterprises can quickly integrate and accelerate the value of mobile applications without sacrificing their existing IT investments.

Intelligraphics, a charter member of the Qualcomm® Authorized Design Center (ADC) program, gives customers the peace of mind and proactive support they need to quickly evaluate, design, and optimize Qualcomm-based Wi-Fi solutions. Built with the elasticity that today’s and tomorrow’s wireless applications demand, IGX device drivers support multiple hardware, software, and operating systems, giving users a wide range of options for the most demanding industrial machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

The IGX advanced wireless drivers provide fast, seamless roaming along with CCXv4 support and enterprise-class security to unleash the power of the Qualcomm chipset in a unified solution. It delivers the optimal wireless connectivity for achieving Industry 4.0 automation goals, improving visibility and control over mobile medical assets, expanding robotic usage, boosting reliability of measurement and test equipment, and streamlining logistics operations.

IGX intelligent roaming changes the way wireless roaming is delivered by providing vastly improved end-user experience and availability. The solution leverages pre-emptive signal loss detection and scan optimization to significantly reduce the time needed for reconnection down to less than 100 milliseconds, ensuring the module selects the optimal access point (AP). Intelligent roaming helps prevent the network and live applications from detecting a network drop, thus improving overall application reliability and Quality of Service (QoS).

Our relationship with Qualcomm gives customers a trusted solution partner they can depend on. Today’s rapidly expanding enterprise mobility, robotics, and M2M markets along with the exponential growth of IoT calls for wireless solutions that stay connected, anytime, anywhere. Our intelligent roaming algorithms dynamically predict and prevent connection loss to the IT stack. By leveraging the power of IGX softwarer, customers can realize higher efficiencies, lower expenses, and faster return on value.