IntelliBench-RTOS For Safety Critical Audio Development

 IntelliBench-RTOS Safety Critical Audio Development Tool

Intelligraphics is proud to present the first Windows based network driven test framework for the Deos RTOS, IntelliBench-RTOS. This test framework will allow driver developers and platform integrators to test and verify results from their drivers with a few days of effort instead of the man-months required to create from scratch.

DO-178B defines the guidelines for development of aviation software in the USA.DO-178B. Produced by Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics, Inc. (RTCA), the FAA’s Advisory Circular AC20-115B established DO-178B as the accepted means of certifying all new aviation software.

Driver development and testing on embedded platforms has always been a difficult process. Add in the restrictions of DO-178B certification like time and space quotas and the possibility of having no file system support can make automated testing on devices that generate large volumes of data almost impossible!

Intelligraphics IntelliBench-RTOS can be used with a variety of device classes on Deos with the initial target the audio and display subsystem components written by Intelligraphics for the platform. Deos™ is a proven, full featured DO-178 Level A certifiable real-time operating system (RTOS) which addresses the issues of high robustness and formal certifiability for avionics and safety critical applications and supports x86, PowerPC, ARM and MIPS processors.