Wi-Fi Solutions for Industrial and Manufacturing  Enhance Worker Safety, Efficiency, Gain Proactive Insight

Industrial, logistics, and manufacturing operations require solutions to help enhance safety, achieve top efficiency, and provide proactive insight into people, processes, and devices. Devices both at the edge of operations and within facilities must have reliable and secure connectivity to mission-critical systems.

Our intelligent Wi-Fi software solutions are widely used by original equipment manufacturers, original device manufacturers, and system integrators to enable solutions for a variety of mobility-driven industrial, infrastructure, and manufacturing applications.

  • Machine to Machine Communication – Leverage 802.11 Wi-Fi to monitor and manage remotely connected assets while ensuring constant communication to other devices, databases, Business Intelligence (BI), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.
  • Mobile Robotics – Enable a wide range of mobile, autonomous devices that roam seamlessly without losing their Wi-Fi connectivity to mission-critical systems.
  • Data Acquisition and Asset Tracking– Wirelessly collect analytics and asset status from remote actuators, flow control systems, pumps, and other monitoring systems using devices that can be worn by field workers or installed on mobile autonomous devices.
  • Wearables – Improve worker safety and efficiency with wearable smart sensors that can detect hazardous conditions, harmful gas levels, and other potential threats.