Optimizing “just-in-time” material handling and logistics operations using data-driven insights requires maintaining real-time connectivity to forklifts, trucks, and other mobile assets. However, most 802.11-based Wi-Fi chipsets provide default device drivers that do not deliver the performance needed to ensure persistent links to access points (APs) as the asset moves through a warehouse, open-air staging area, or manufacturing facility. When the link to the AP drops, critical data is lost, and establishing a new connection to the nearest AP can take several seconds. Multiply this by dozens of APs in a typical facility, multiple moving assets, and an eight-hour employee shift, and the dropped connectivity time begins to add up—as does the loss and retry of critical data.

IGX Advanced Roaming solves the connection challenge by accelerating Wi-Fi chipset AP connection speeds, which results in significant enhancements to mobile asset uptime and availability. The solution uses pre-emptive signal loss detection and AP scan optimization to significantly reduce the reconnection time down to less than 100 milliseconds, ensuring the Wi-Fi chipset selects the optimal AP. Advanced Roaming helps prevent the network and live applications from detecting a network drop, thus improving overall application reliability and Quality of Service (QoS).

With Intelligraphics, wirelessly connect your entire fleet of mobile assets so you can collect critical operational, maintenance, and safety information. Track, manage, and analyze the state of critical assets in real-time so you can make smarter decisions faster, continuously improve safety, and reduce costs. IGX Advanced Roaming provides an infrastructure-agnostic, scalable solution allowing you to quickly integrate and accelerate the value of your mobile fleet without sacrificing your existing investment.

IGX intelligent wireless drivers provide fast, seamless roaming along with CCXv4 support and enterprise-class security to unleash the power of select Wi-Fi chipsets in a unified solution. Built with the elasticity that today’s and tomorrow’s wireless applications demand, IGX device drivers support multiple hardware, software, and operating systems, giving users a wide range of options for the most demanding industrial, logistics, and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

  • Improve real-time visibility and control over mobile fleet assets
  • Enable applications for tracking fleet vehicle health including motor status, brake wear, and battery charge level
  • Tighten maintenance cycle and safety compliance audits
  • Gather vehicle route, queue, and dwell time information to continuously drive efficiencies
  • Reduce fuel, maintenance, and employee costs
  • Streamline forklift pick and place operations in the warehouse, distribution center, and manufacturing floor
  • Drive Industry 4.0 automation initiatives throughout all your operations

Today’s rapidly expanding enterprise mobility, robotics, and M2M segments along with the exponential growth of IoT calls for wireless solutions that stay connected, anytime, anywhere. Our advanced roaming algorithms dynamically predict and prevent connection loss to the IT stack. By harnessing the power of IGX software, customers can realize higher efficiencies, lower expenses, and achieve faster return on value.