Solution Overview IGX MOD37 Industrial Dual-Band Module

The IGX MOD37 Industrial Dual-Band Module brings the power-optimized design and extended range of the TI WL1837MOD WiLink™ 8 chipset together with the industry-leading IGX advanced wireless driver to deliver the most powerful, flexible, and integrated WiLink platform available.
As part of the IGX Intelligent Roaming Solutions portfolio, the IGX MOD37 supports multiple hardware, software, and operating systems giving you the flexibility for the most demanding applications. The IGX advanced wireless driver provides fast, seamless roaming along with tight security features to unleash the power of the TI WiLink™ 8 chipset in a unified, industrial-grade solution. A wide range of industries including Internet of Things (IoT), manufacturing, distribution and warehousing, smart gateway and metering, and even security can all benefit from the advanced features the IGX MOD37 delivers

Key Features


  • High-performance Wi-Fi
  • Dual Band, 2×2 MIMO (2.4 GHz), BT, and BLE
  • 20- and 40-MHz channels
  • 802.11 b/g/n 2.4-GHz Radio/Baseband/MAC
  • Intelligent cross-band roaming
  • Integrated PA and LNA
  • Up to 110 Mbps (UDP) of throughput
  • MRC for extended range of 1.4 × (2.4 GHz)
  • Station and soft access points
  • Wi-Fi direct multi-channel multi-role
  • Personal and enterprise security
  • Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) v4


  • Dual-mode Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth and BLE (BT 4.0 compliant)
  • On-chip SBC encode and decode
  • Royalty-free certified stack from StoneStreet One
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth single antenna co-existence
  • Power management, advanced low-power modes
  • Host interfaces
  • Easy-to-use configuration GUI
  • Direct connection to battery (integrated DC2DC)
  • SDIO for Wi-Fi and UART for BT
  • Industrial temperature grade
  • Small form factor