IGXDoubleTake for Virtual WDDM Displays With Remote Application Support  Intelligraphics supplies customized virtual display drivers for any version of Windows. Our drivers support both the older XPDM driver model and the new WDDM model used by Windows 7 and Windows 8. We have devised a method of bypassing WDDM’s hardware requirements, allowing our driver to run on legacy hardware with no 3D or DMA capabilities, frame buffer-only devices such as USB displays, or even completely virtual adapters such as network-based displays.

Our custom drivers can run as stand-alone displays, or side-by-side with whatever existing graphics device is present in the system, without forcing the system to fall back to XPDM compatibility mode. Our drivers are fully compatible with Microsoft’s “heterogeneous multiadapter” technology. Once installed, users will be able to seamlessly extend their desktop onto their display device, while fully retaining the advanced WDDM features of Windows 7 and now Windows 8.

Uses for our virtual XPDM and WDDM drivers are:

  • Remote terminals
  • Networked projectors
  • USB-based display adapters
  • Windows 7 drivers for legacy (2D-only) display devices
  • Custom FPGA display adapters
  • Non-standard displays which do not meet WDDM minimum hardware requirements.

Intelligraphics’ Remote Application Demo



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