IGX Wireless Stealth Sniffer/Injector IGX Wireless Stealth Sniffer/Injector  Wireless sniffers and packet injectors have become in invaluable tool for technical professionals in law enforcement and network administration. At Intelligraphics, we understand the need for this and have developed wireless tools for chipsets from our partners that deliver this capability.

What if though, this could be extended to third-party mobile devices with proprietary chipsets and custom firmware? This sounds like an impossible task – until now.

The IGX Wireless team has developed world-class cutting-edge techniques in reverse engineering and has uncovered novel approaches in this area to make the seemly impossible a reality. Even firmware with multiple layers and overlays are candidates for these techniques where straight disassembly and rebuild goes nowhere.

IGX Stealth Sniffer/Injector also includes support for advanced wireless protocols like 11ac and channel bonding. Developing a modern sniffer with features like these on off-the-shelf mobile devices has made Intelligraphics the wireless solution expert for dozens of companies.