IGX SmartSEP 2.0

Energy Supplies Are Shrinking!!!

Suppliers world wide are under pressure to deliver workable Monitoring and Control solutions for homes and Industry. Smart-Energy Profile 2.0 created a standard that connects smart energy devices in the home businesses and industry to the Smart Grid. SEP 2.0 enables the development and deployment of smart-appliances and services that not only provide energy related services, but also provide the ability for device OEMs and service providers to innovate and offer consumers enhanced user-experiences and value-added services.

Introducing IGX SmartSEP 2.0

A Complete Library That Encapsulates All SEP 2.0 Information

Cuts Time To Market

Cuts Development Costs

Enhances Product Reliability

Makes Portable Apps Which Are MAC and PHY Agnostic

You can design a SEP 2.0 Killer App In No Time!!!

​The IGX SmartSEP 2.0 Library Contains

  • Complete Abstraction Layer of SEP 2.0
  • Clear API Interface
  • Light Weight
  • Highly Customizable
  • Optimized Network Utilization
  • SEP Over WiFi, Ethernet or Powerline (PLC)
  • Platform Independent
  • Application Samples Provided
  • Prototype runs on Linux-x86/MCU-No OS/MCU with FreeRTOS
  • A Smart Meter Simulator with real-time metering and Smart Grid Info

SEP Library supported FunctionSets:

  • Device Information
  • Metering
  • Pricing
  • Time
  • LogEvents
  • Demand Response and Load Control
  • Messaging

Tomorrow’s Solutions Today For:

  • Utility Metering
  • Smart Home
  • Smart Industry
  • Grid Infrastructure

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