Wireless Software Solutions from Intelligraphics are a Crucial Component of Industry 4.0  Industry 4.0 is founded on the premise that the diverse environment of connected, smart technologies can inter-operate and revolutionize industrial and manufacturing production. It encompasses the rise of the next industrial revolution, the fourth such transformation in the history of manufacturing. Industry 4.0 was first introduced in 2011 at the Hannover Messe trade fair in Germany, and was the subject of an Industry 4.0 working group established by the German federal government.

Industry 4.0 connects embedded production technologies and smart production processes, manufacturing systems and the objects they create, drawing physical information into the digital realm. They also communicate, analyze, and use that information to drive further intelligent action back into improving efficiencies, streamlining processes, and reducing costs.

Wireless Technology from Intelligraphics Provides Essential Benefits

One of the most important elements of Industry 4.0 includes wireless Industrial Internet of Things (IIot). The IIoT concept has gained traction throughout industrial and manufacturing operations, and embraces a wide range of connected technologies, including high-quality sensors, more reliable and powerful networks, high-performance computing, robotics, artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies.

Intelligraphics (IGX Wireless) provides Wi-Fi device solutions designed with advanced roaming, enterprise security, and CCx4/5 features that allow Industry 4.0 enterprises to see more and do more, while keeping their wireless connections secure and protected. Our Wi-Fi software solutions are widely used by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original device manufacturers (ODMs), and system integrators (SIs) to enable solutions for a variety of wireless industrial, infrastructure, and manufacturing applications.

Deploy Wireless Smart Factory Systems:

  • Leverage 802.11 Wi-Fi to develop IIoT applications including networked wireless sensors and actuators to monitor and control industrial processes.
  • Integrate with existing legacy systems using a “wrap and reuse” approach to reduce the need for a complete infrastructure overhaul. Wi-Fi ready devices or sensors that use IGX Wireless solutions can easily connect to the cloud.

Significantly Expand Productivity:

  • Mobile wireless devices enable operator autonomy and faster decision-making. Tasks that previously required two operators can instead be accomplished with a single worker, while wireless sensors affixed to equipment or materials can feed critical information, such as energy usage, machine speed, maintenance or inventory, to mobile devices and enterprise IT systems.
  • Wi-Fi tags affixed to systems and other assets provide significantly longer range and bi-directional data connectivity than passive RFID tags. Workers, shift supervisors and plant managers can remotely gather real-time location and line status information, helping them spot problems faster.

Boost Quality and Service Levels:

  • Quality is among the primary reasons why many manufacturers adopt IIoT solutions. 802.11-enabled wireless devices can help manufacturers quickly identify and troubleshoot product quality issues during production and in the field.
  • Manufacturers can embed wireless smart technologies, such as sensors, into products to receive real-time, automated information about warranty claims or defects. IGX Wireless Advanced Roaming helps ensure Wi-Fi devices stay connected to mission-critical applications and systems.
  • IIoT technologies also can help manufacturers implement predictive maintenance workflows. and post-sales service, such as scheduled maintenance or possible equipment failure. The result is fewer on-site trips, more efficient maintenance cycles, and less unplanned downtime.

Improve Equipment Monitoring, Reduce Scrap:

  • Wi-Fi technologies can help reduce scrap, rework and defects. In a machine-to-machine (M2M), or networked environment, wireless sensors attached to equipment can communicate output variations to downstream machines, which automatically make adjustments to ensure the product is within specifications.
  • A piece of manufacturing equipment can cost millions of dollars. Wireless sensors embedded into shop floor equipment can detect tiny changes in performance or usage-level thresholds that indicate maintenance is required. This information can help prolong the life of the manufacturer’s equipment investment by focusing maintenance efforts where they are needed most.


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