Healthcare  Drive Better Outcomes

A study conducted by Research and Markets reports that wireless devices in the health care market alone will expand from $23.8 billion today to $59.7 billion by 2018. Thanks to radio-frequency (RF) wireless technology, many of today’s medical facilities are realizing significant benefits. For patients, wireless provides them more mobility in the healthcare facility.

Most important, healthcare technicians can remotely and accurately monitor and update the devices to improve patient outcomes, while doctors monitor patient data from anywhere. In fact, studies have shown that real-time, remote monitoring of patients with chronic diseases has helped detect changes before serious consequences occur. Medical device manufacturers who use Wi-Fi technology can depend on Intelligraphics to take them to the next level of connectivity, security, and reliability.

  • Improve Patient Safety – Reduce the chance of errors due to medical devices having incorrect data, and enable real-time, wireless monitoring of patient information.
  • Boost Workflow Efficiencies – Streamline healthcare workflows, reduce manual programming steps and accurately track medical assets, thus lowering the cost to perform healthcare.
  • Increase Interoperability – A standardization of electronic healthcare records, devices, and systems means the gathering, storing, and linking of more information throughout the patient care process.