Qualcomm Atheros Technology License Agreement (TLA)

If you are developing a product that makes use of Qualcomm Atheros  chipsets then you will need support, source code and information.  A Qualcomm Atheros Technology License Agreement (TLA) provides you with:

  • A license to available Qualcomm Atheros device driver source code
  • Data sheets and other documentation
  • Reference designs: schematic, layout, BOM and Gerber files
  • Hands on support from Intelligraphics

Intelligraphics delivers First Class Technology Licensing Agreement (TLA) service with quick turnaround and solid answers to your questions. We provide each customer with a secure, dedicated web portal with convenient access to licensed source code and documentation.

The Intelligraphics engineering team can provide you with answers to all the difficult technical questions:

• What  chipset is best suitable for your end product

• What features are supported by each chipset in the  product line, including 802.11ac chipsets?

• What device driver support is provided for any of the  chipsets on various operating systems?

• Calibrating the hardware and configuring the software for a high-power outdoor solution

• How to optimize throughput.

• The use of a variety of manufacturing and testing tools, such as the Qualcomm Atheros Radio Test (ART) tool.

• Calibration to optimize for a specific need.

• Manipulation of receiver sensitivity to achieve noise immunity.

• How to override EEPROM settings for performance tuning.

• How to override EEPROM settings to achieve increased Tx power.

• Managing multiple Virtual Access Points on a single radio.

• Overriding Regulatory Domain settings in the EEPROM.

• How to do 4.9 GHz (Public Safety Band) spectral masking.

• How to configure Tx beam forming.

• Getting spectral scan samples and how to get a clear picture of the spectrum. Do you have a requirement for spectral scan analysis?

• Reducing the false packet detection rate.

• How to tweak PAPRD to achieve better range for higher rates. Which reference boards support this feature?

• Configuring register based/descriptor based TPC (Transmit Power Control).

• Enabling QSK (Quick STA Kick-Out) functionality to enhance AP performance.

• How to activate Proxy STA mode to extend wireless network to wired clients.

• Enabling OOB (Out Of Band) channels.

If you have these or other technical questions regarding Qualcomm Atheros hardware or software and are looking for the right TLA relationship to get difficult technical issues resolved, you have come to the right place! Intelligraphics would be delighted to provide you with the highest level of service for your Qualcomm Atheros TLA relationship. We welcome you to come and experience the first calss service at Intelligraphics!

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