In its simplest form, Firmware is software running on an embedded system. It may be flashed or burned into a ROM or downloaded from a host. It differs from FPGA, CPLD, or other silicon based solutions in that there is a processor that is running code, not just a fixed logic gate array. Intelligraphics’ has experience with custom board bring up,  firmware development and highly customized firmware oriented solutions for most standard platforms. We provide support for extensions for PC, embedded systems, and wireless technologies over a wide variety of operating systems.

Scratch Firmware Solutions

  1. Fully customized board support packages,
  2. Low level bus device drivers for peripheral and communication
  3. Application specific firmware.
  4. Development of protocol component in firmware
  5. Optimization of firmware memory architecture for fitting in memory constraints in the chipset
  6. SOC based firmware development for wireless products

Development Platforms

  1. Beagleboard
  2. Beaglebone
  3. Panda
  4. OMAP blaze
  5. Torpedo DM3730
  6. DSPG DMW96

Platform Support

  1. Audio drivers
  2. Bus drivers
  3. CAN drivers
  4. USB bus drivers
  5. Wireless Protocol drivers

Low foot Print, Low Power MCU solutions

  1. MSP
  2. Atmel (AVR series)
  3. ST-Micro
  4. Renesas
  5. Energy Micro
  6. PIC

Firmware RTOS?  Can Do!

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