Enterprise  Track Assets, Analyze Data

Wireless mobility has rapidly become one of the most familiar expressions unifying business and technology. The deployment of IoT wireless sensor technology in the data center and beyond presents an opportunity for enterprises to collect information about virtually every physical operation of their business in real time. IoT data analytics allow businesses to scale more efficiently, analyze, and act on untapped data, better visualize what is important and tightly integrate business processes.

IGX intelligent roaming enables enterprises to maintain persistent connectivity of their mobility-driven assets with key application, database, and network infrastructure. Businesses can track, manage, and analyze the critical information in real-time so they can make smarter decisions, faster. Customized Wi-Fi device drivers from Intelligraphics provide an infrastructure-agnostic solution so enterprises can quickly integrate and accelerate the value of mobile applications without sacrificing their existing IT investments.

  • Optimize Networks – Analyze and characterize existing AP and mobile infrastructure while ensuring wireless networks are secure and reliable.
  • Improve IT Service Delivery – Providing employees with mobile VoIP and other Wi-Fi enabled capabilities helps improve organizational efficiencies, allowing them to be more proactive, shortening issue resolution time.
  • Secure Data Center Assets – Track and trace, in real-time, critical assets, reducing the chance of theft and loss.