Data Aquisition

Low-cost high-speed dynamic data acquisition has always been the stuff of science fiction.  PC based solutions require complex boards and custom drivers that drive the end cost up while locking in legacy designs.  Those days are over.  Intelligraphics, a leader in developing custom kernel mode drivers on Windows for over 15 years, has created a new high-performance user-mode data acquisition framework that allows for programming PCIe capture boards from application space and transferring GIGABYTES of data per second with interrupt level synchronization through an advanced memory and event sharing architecture.  Check out IGXFLEX below for more information. Data Aquisition


High Performance Windows User Mode Driver Kit

LowLatency & HIGH Bandwidth

Intelligraphics has taken some of the most robust and high-performance coding techniques available and created a library that can push the limits of your hardware from user-space. Client applications shouldn’t have to wait for multiple layers of the OS to copy and recopy data – it should be presented almost immediately after it becomes available. That’s what IGXFlex does.

PERFORMANCE: IGXFLEX is architected for low latency and high bandwidth through shared memory and events.

USER MODE DRIVER: Full access to all registers and even PCI memory from user-space.

PCI or ISA: Interrupt, PnP, and other event signaling. Full scatter / gather DMA setup is supported.

WinDriver Compatible: Rebuild using IGXFLEX emulation headers and get an immediate performance boost.

”IGXFLEX Universal Driver Benefits:”

• Works on all versions of Windows – XP to Win 8

• Complete 64-bit support

• Continuous data transfers

• Higher bandwidth acquisition

• Lower latency analysis

• Over-run & under-run detection

• Single INF for all boards

IGXFLEX wins in PERFORMANCE: The event signaling and data transfer architecture put it miles ahead of the competition in performance. Stop forcing your application to wait for data to be copied over and over while moving from kernel to user-space and back. Get the low-latency notifications to enable faster analysis and feedback in your data acquisition application.

IGXFLEX wins in FEATURES: One OEM branded driver binary makes certification and distribution simpler. ISA board setup and driver configuration is a breeze with the new GUI application. Choose the events and when you want to be notified. Evolve your app from simple data movement to advanced low-latency analysis with hardware feedback.

IGXFLEX wins in STABILITY: Designed from the ground up in KMDF with all the best features that architecture provides and none of the race conditions present in legacy codebases. Enable and disable each device separately from device manager like any custom developed kernel mode driver – try this with other frameworks!

Already have a user-mode driver solution? Intelligraphics recognizes the value of have an existing codebase and has put great effort in making IGXFlex compatible with the market leader in user-mode drivers. Take your existing user-mode code and kernel plug-in and simply rebuild it with IGXFlex libraries and you have a single driver and DLL, service, or application that is unique to your product and has performance you never thought possible from a user-mode solution.