Communication Driver Development  For the last 10 years Intelligraphics has developed drivers and firmware for USB 1.1, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 USB On-The-Go, 1394, hardware and controller- less modems, IrDA, external serial device PnP enumeration, USB to serial, TAPI, and Bluetooth. Our operating system experience includes Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, Linux, Windows CE, VxWorks, Nucleus, UNIX, many proprietary operating systems.Hardware manufacturers in both the PC and embedded systems industry rely on Intelligraphics to create quality communications support for their hardware devices.

USB On-The-Go

USB On-The-Go introduces the concept that a device can perform both the master and slave roles, and so subtly changes the terminology and the choice is handled entirely by which end of the cable the device is plugged into. Some incompatibilities in both HNP and SRP were introduced between the 1.3 and 2.0 versions of the On-The-Go supplement and Intelligraphics was among the first companies to successfully develop SRP and HNP protocols.

USB 1.1, 2.0, 3.0

Our USB team created low-speed, full-speed, and high-speed USB driver/firmware solutions for device classes which include HID, scanners, video capture hardware, printers, monitors and hubs. Intelligraphics has taken the lead designing and implementing USB core logic, firmware and drivers for custom device solutions.

IEEE 1394

Developed in the late 1980’s and was known as Fire Wire IEEE 1394 interface is the serial bus interface standard for high-speed communications and isochronous real-time data transfer. It is comparable to USB, and companies choose between them. IEEE 1394 is the High-Definition HANA standard connection interface for audio/visual component communication and control and is available in wireless, fiber optic and coaxial versions. Some of our early 1394 work includes providing support for digital cameras, game consoles, and motor controllers.


Ultra wideband is a wireless technology for transmitting large amounts of digital data over a wide spectrum at minimal power for a short distance. Ultra wideband radios can carry signals through barriers that usually reflect the signal. It is used extensively in radar and voice and data transmissions. With direct experience assisting system manufacturers with UltraWideBand implementations, Intelligraphics engineering staff remains available with drivers and firmware support to enable this exciting new wireless communication standard.


The Bluetooth Specification describes how mobile devices, computers, and PDAs can be interconnected via a short-range wireless connection. Intelligraphics is an active member of the Bluetooth SIG that oversees the development of the specification and manages the qualification program. To market a Bluetooth device, it must qualify to standards defined by the SIG. Our ongoing Bluetooth research and development projects enable us to provide quality development services for Bluetooth hardware.

Controllerless and Software Modem Driver Development

A softmodem is a simple interface designed to act as a digital-to-analog and an analog-to-digital converter and replaces tasks traditionally handled with hardware. In some applications, the lack of Operating System compatibility and the amount of resources used by the softmodem can create numerous problems. Historically manufacturers and OEM’s turn to Intelligraphics when they decide to use controllerless and software modems for their hardware communication products. We recently announced the development of the IGXVirtual Wi-Fi Modem to reduce development time, cut costs, save board space, ease certification requirements and minimize the expertise required to get our customers Wi-Fi based products to market.


Intelligraphics has experience with several types of communications devices from hardware and controllerless modems to IrDA and serial devices on a number of PC, PDA, and embedded operating systems. Our developers have implemented communications solutions that include external serial PnP enumeration, UART emulation layer, DSL, IrDA, I²C and TAPI. We provide system level software and device drivers to support joysticks and HID peripherals, mass storage hardware, parallel, and serial ports.

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