CCX  Driver Development and Testing Services

Wi-Fi devices transmit and receive important and sensitive information, Wi-Fi radios in those devices must provide secure and reliable Wi-Fi connections. IEEE and industry standards define how a Wi-Fi radio operates with a wireless LAN infrastructure, and the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ seal ensures interoperability. For many devices, however, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED is not enough. These devices need to operate with a Cisco wireless LAN infrastructure and support Cisco wireless LAN innovations for enhanced security, mobility, quality of service (QoS), and network management.

Is your device interoperable with a Cisco Wireless LAN (WLAN) infrastructure? Is it important for your client device take full advantage of industry standards and Cisco’s stricter standards ? Is it optimized to support the latest wireless features in today’s dual mode Smart Phones/Tablets or other Medical, Retail or Manufacturing Devices?

The primary features of CCX V4 for testing

Most of these features, such as CCKM,were introduced in versions of CCX before V4. Cisco’s controller-based wireless LAN infrastructure solution, which is known as the Cisco Unified Wireless Network, will not support CCX features such as CCKM with a client device unless that client device (or its radio) is certified for CCX V4. As a result,
CCX V4 certification is essential for all devices that want to use CCX features with the Cisco Unified Wireless Network. CCX  Driver Development and Testing Services

CCX specification is a superset of that used for Wi-Fi certification. Today,  medical, safety critical, and most devices that require extra security, are tested for version 4 (CCX V4). Intelligraphics a CCX partner provides  services that not only expedite development of the drivers sets needed for certification but also provide the pre certification testing of your product. Once our lab has run the tests on your product an Intelligraphics engineer familiar with your product remains with your product at the actual certification facility to ensure that any problems that surface are documented and brought within spec to expedite the process.