A Texas Instruments Third Party Network

Intelligraphics is proud to partner with Texas Instruments to deliver the most optimized experiences on the OMAP platform. From smartphones to tablets, and e-readers to enterprise and industrial applications, TI’s smart multicore OMAP processors provide a scalable, high-performance ultra-low power platform that absolutely delivers the experience users expect…while unleashing the unexpected. If it’s mobile, it’s… Read More

Wi-Fi Device Driver Development

The “provider of choice” for the most technically advanced and innovative mobile, embedded and PC based Wi-Fi device driver development services in today’s market. Our silicon partners include industry leaders like Intel,  Qualcomm Atheros , Texas Instruments and many others.  Whether you are creating a client, AP, embedded wireless device, wireless handset, tablet, smartphone or any… Read More

Bloodhound Wi-Fi Packet Sniffer/Injector

Wi-Fi is the de facto communication mode in homes, public areas, offices and in industrial sites. To obtain highest performance of any Wi-Fi installment, precise control of the wireless network with provisions for debugging, access control and continuous monitoring for security has become relevant. Debugging and monitoring Wi-Fi networks requires a stable, reliable, technically advanced… Read More

Spectral Scan

Spectral Scan Spectral scan snapshots are the FFT (Fast Fourier Transforms) of a channel used to estimate the electromagnetic activity found thereon. The FFT provides a channel scan for non 802.11 interferences and a full spectrum of associated channels and can be completed in few seconds. Each device sharing unlicensed spectrum with Wi-Fi devices has… Read More


Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) is set of public available standards developed by US Federal Government for using it in security devices, which need to protect the sensitive information.  FIPS Publications are issued by NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST), which is a federal agency with US Dept of Commerce. FIPS 140-1 was… Read More

802.11 Advanced Roaming

Intelligraphics provides advanced roaming capable WLAN device drivers on all popular operating systems including Windows 7, Windows 8, WinCE, WEC7, WEC2013 and Linux.  The enhancements to our roaming optimized drivers include: Roaming Optimizations: Roaming in less than 300 ms with traffic Fast and efficient cross-band roaming Configurable roam decision parameters: RSSI (minimum signal) threshold Data… Read More

Advanced-Roaming Technology for Enterprise

Building a Wi-Fi network that delivers uninterrupted coverage to roaming devices can be a significant challenge—especially as coverage requirements increase. Basic roaming occurs when a wireless client device moves outside the usable range of one wireless access point (AP) and connects to another AP—usually one with a stronger signal. The challenge comes during the actual… Read More