Bloodhound Wi-Fi Packet Sniffer/Injector

Wi-Fi is the de facto communication mode in homes, public areas, offices and in industrial sites. To obtain highest performance of any Wi-Fi installment, precise control of the wireless network with provisions for debugging, access control and continuous monitoring for security has become relevant. Debugging and monitoring Wi-Fi networks requires a stable, reliable, technically advanced… Read More

Wi-Fi Packet Sniffer for Real-Time Tracking, Customer Engagement, Business Intelligence, and other IoT Applications

Businesses across a wide range of industries are looking for new ways to feed accurate data to Business Intelligence (BI) applications. In retail, this means having access to Big Data that provides metrics on customer flow, dwell time at various locations in stores and malls, and if there are enough employees in key areas to… Read More

Bloodhound Wi-Fi Packet Sniffer/Injector for Network Characterization, Surveillance, and Law Enforcement

802.11-based Wi-Fi is the leading communication mode in homes, public areas, offices, and in industrial sites In 2017 and beyond, analysts, agencies, and security experts are all in agreement that threats to public safety, critical infrastructure, and data will rapidly escalate. The widespread proliferation of IoT and other wireless devices create enormous numbers of vectors… Read More