Intelligent Roaming Software for Qualcomm® Industrial-Grade Wi-Fi Chipsets

Intelligraphics adds support for Qualcomm® AR9390, AR9592, and QCA9890 industrial-grade chipsets as part of a wider portfolio of Wi-Fi solutions. IGX device drivers bring 802.11ac/b/g/n connectivity, up to 1.3 Gb/s data rates, and seamless intelligent roaming into an integrated, secure, and flexible Wi-Fi solution. The fusion of IGX intelligent roaming with the Qualcomm® chipset enables… Read More

IGX MOD37 Industrial Dual-Band Module

Solution Overview The IGX MOD37 Industrial Dual-Band Module brings the power-optimized design and extended range of the TI WL1837MOD WiLink™ 8 chipset together with the industry-leading IGX advanced wireless driver to deliver the most powerful, flexible, and integrated WiLink platform available. As part of the IGX Intelligent Roaming Solutions portfolio, the IGX MOD37 supports multiple… Read More

WEC7 Wi-Fi and CCXv4 Certified 2×2 11n Driver for Qualcomm AR9592 Chipsets

The Intelligraphics engineering team has developed a fully   Wi-Fi certified WEC7 2×2 802.11n series driver for Qualcomm AR9592 chipsets the IGX AR9DC. The Qualcomm Atheros 9592 chpiset is a highly integrated single chip solution designed for 2.4 or 5 GHZ 802.11n Wireless Local Area Networks enabling high performance 2×2 MIMO. The IGXAR9DC was developed… Read More

Intelligraphics IGX WiLink 8 Driver Suite

  The TI WiLink 8 module family enables manufacturers to easily add fully integrated 2.4- and 5-GHz versions of Wi-Fi and dual-mode Bluetooth 4.0 solutions to embedded applications. The new highly integrated module family offers high throughput and extended industrial temperature range with robust Wi-Fi and Bluetooth coexistence. WiLink 8 modules are perfect for power-optimized… Read More

Qualcomm Atheros Authorized Design Center (ADC)

  Qualcomm Atheros provides support to its customers through its Authorized Design Centers (ADC).  Intelligraphics, a charter member of the ADC program, empowers its customers with everything needed to quickly evaluate, design, develop, produce, support and maintain their Qualcomm Atheros based WLAN  products by providing: Competitively priced chips in sample and production volumes Quick access… Read More

Bloodhound Wi-Fi Packet Sniffer/Injector for Network Characterization, Surveillance, and Law Enforcement

802.11-based Wi-Fi is the leading communication mode in homes, public areas, offices, and in industrial sites In 2017 and beyond, analysts, agencies, and security experts are all in agreement that threats to public safety, critical infrastructure, and data will rapidly escalate. The widespread proliferation of IoT and other wireless devices create enormous numbers of vectors… Read More