Audio Driver Development


Intelligraphics’ audio team consistently provides our customers in PC, embedded systems, and professional audio with high-quality, technically innovative driver development, firmware development, and low-level system software development services for their advanced audio hardware systems. Intelligraphics possesses broad development expertise in all areas of system-level audio software development combined with an extensive knowledge on a wide variety of multimedia and processing hardware.

Audio Drivers

Intelligraphics has been a preferred provider of industry-leading audio driver development services to key audio hardware manufacturers since 1995. Intelligraphics has direct experience developing audio drivers for advanced full-duplex multi-stream wave audio controllers, AC97 controllers/codecs (ICH, VIA, SIS), multifunction devices (requiring bus driver support), and Sony-Philips Digital Interface Format (S/PDIF) interfaces. It was this industry leading knowledge and capability that enabled Intelligraphics to provide the first and only WDM audio miniport for the ICH controller at the Intel plugfest that successfully passed all standby/resume tests. Intelligraphics’ audio driver development services include providing our customers with Dolby Digital (AC3), Dolby Digital Live, Dolby Master Studio, DTS, and WMA9 support for existing drivers. Intelligraphics also retains significant expertise for providing services to support ASIO, DirectSound, and DirectMusic components as well as custom mixer applications.

Audio Capture Solution – Captures all audio being played on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

For a customer, Intelligraphics has developed a comprehensive solution for the capture (and subsequent upload to a server) of all audio being played on a PC. A DLL provides a common interface to either a GFX APO on Vista or a portcls patch filter and USB GFX on XP. Moving data from the audio service process on Vista to the client process is also handled without any UAC issues.

APO (Audio Processing Objects)

Intelligraphics has developed both LFX and GFX filters for Vista. One such application was for noise cancellation requiring interprocess communication between the LFX and the GFX. Intelligraphics has also developed an XP specific USB GFX filter to capture audio data as part of a system wide comprehensive audio capture solution.

WDM Drivers

Intelligraphics has extensive experience developing WDM drivers for Windows 98SE through Windows 7 for a wide variety of audio accelerators. Intelligraphics can also provide expert WDM driver development for joysticks (and other HID peripherals), mass storage hardware, parallel and serial ports, USB devices, digital imaging devices and other key hardware technologies.

Universal Audio Architecture (UAA)

Intelligraphics’ audio driver development experience brings with it the expertise to implement solutions based on Microsoft’s high-definition Universal Audio Architecture. Through this interface, Intelligraphics can enable 24-bit 96 KHz studio quality audio processing which is now available in the operating system multimedia APIs.

Audio Codecs and Filters

Intelligraphics’ has the expertise to develop both software and firmware based audio codecs for AC3, DTS, WMA9, and MP3 to name a few. Intelligraphics retains considerable experience providing our customers with a variety of firmware and DSP based solutions including advanced multi-core chipsets. Intelligraphics also offers our clients the expertise to develop telephony base audio codecs such as G723/9A and H324. Similar applications also include DirectShow and Direct Media Object (DMO) filters available in Windows XP which Intelligraphics can help ISVs integrate into custom Filtergraphs or DirectSound rendering applications.

Proprietary Audio Development

While some operating systems come with full-function audio APIs, those that do not may require the development of proprietary audio APIs. Intelligraphics has direct experience developing proprietary APIs for audio subsystems and other devices to support both embedded and PC hardware. Our proprietary development services include creating essential audio operating system components such as kernel mixers, AEC and equalization filters, and software synthesizers.

Audio Operating System Support

Although Intelligraphics’ current audio driver development focus is primarily PC Windows, Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Linux, a significant expertise is retained for other platforms including Mac OS X and Nucleus. It is also known throughout the industry that Intelligraphics is the technical leader in knowledge and experience for legacy operating systems including Windows NT 4.0/3.51, Windows 95/98, Windows 3.1, and OS/2, with many innovative solutions delivered for these challenging environments.

Intelligraphics’ audio driver development teams are available to assist you with a wide range of audio driver development projects based on your specific audio development needs.

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