Since 1991 Intelligraphics has specialized in the development of hardware, device drivers, firmware, board-support packages, APIs, protocols and other system-level software. We can trouble shoot most any engineering problem, provide detailed bids for end-to-end projects, or add senior-level manpower to your existing team.


  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS
  • Audio
  • Modem
  • Mouse, keyboard, touchscreen
  • USB 3.0, USB OTG
  • PCI/PCIe
  • Streaming video

ARM Experience

Embedded OS

  • Embedded Linux, including Android
  • WinCE / Windows Mobile
  • Symbian
  • ThreadX, including multi-core implementation
  • GreenHills GHS
  • Nuclueus

Embedded Firmware & Software


    • 80211 WiFi device drivers
    • Ethernet drivers
    • WiMAX & LTE MAC Layer device drivers
    • Modem application using low level communication library

USB device drivers

    • Host Controller, including OTG
    • Host and Gadget function drivers

Bus device drivers

    • SPI
    • SDIO
    • I2C

Custom bootloaders

    • U-Boot

Multimedia Accelerations on PXA270 processor:

  • High-performance audio signal processing for Audistry (now Dolby)
  • Hand-coded ARM and WMMX assembly
  • Register usage and multiply-accum (MAC) optimizations
  • Reduced Axim x50v system load from 100% to 30%

Chipsets and platforms

  • OMAP 3 and 4 series processors
  • Freescale iMX5x series platforms