Intelligraphics provides advanced roaming capable WLAN device drivers on all popular operating systems including Windows 7, Windows 8, WinCE, WEC7, WEC2013 and Linux.  The enhancements to our roaming optimized drivers include:

Roaming Optimizations:

  • Roaming in less than 300 ms with traffic
  • Fast and efficient cross-band roaming
  • Configurable roam decision parameters:
    • RSSI (minimum signal) threshold
    • Data rate threshold
    • Missed beacon threshold
    • White listed AP beacon filtering
  • Custom configuration of roaming parameters to suit the deployment:
    • List of channels to scan
    • The periodicity in seconds (if 0 do not do background scan)
    • The criteria to be used to choose another access point:
      • Signal strength
      • Channel load
      • Stickiness to current AP (to avoid the ping-pong effect)


Background Scanning Optimizations

  • More efficient background scanning (for a better AP) when:
    • Less than a preconfigured minimum signal is being received from the AP
    • There are a certain number of missed beacons from the AP
  • Background scanning enhancements:
    • Custom Configuration of background scan parameters like:
      • List of channels to be scanned
      • periodicity
    • Triggering background-scan on detection of weak-RSSI from current-connection and on detection of consecutive number of missed-beacons exceeds the threshold-value.
    • Implementation of triggering a background scan if the data rate drops below a configured threshold value


Data Rate Tuning

  • Dynamic data rate tuning depending on:
    • Signal strength
    • Lost data packets threshold


Connection Maintenance

  • Connection maintenance algorithms:
    • The client will send a periodic keep alive to prevent idle timeouts from occurring on the AP (0-300 second period, 0 means no keep alive)
    • The driver will not send the “Disconnect notification” event to the OS during the roaming process
    • Moreover, the driver will not send this event during a configurable interval of time (0-10 sec) after disassociating from the AP

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