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Latest Press Releases

Intelligraphics Inc Announces The Bloodhound, a Wi-Fi Packet Sniffer/Injector Software Suite

Bloodhound Sniffer/Injector is the “Swiss Army Knife” toolkit for every Wi-Fi development, maintenance or surveillance team. The Sniffer passively “listens” and “records” information exchanged in a particular Wi-Fi channel while the Injector device is active and can be used to transmit data in a the channel to record and analyze the response. Richardson, Texas (PRWEB) September 04, 2014 Wi-Fi is the de facto communication mode in homes, public areas, offices and in industrial sites. To obtain highest performance of any Wi-Fi installment, precise control of the wireless network with provisions for debugging, access control and continuous monitoring for security has become relevant. Debugging and providing surveillance for Wi-Fi networks...

Embedded Drivers

Looking for a partner to develop device drivers, board support packages, firmware, APIs, protocols, and provide other system level software services? Intelligraphics has over 20 years of collaborating with the leading companies in the embedded world.  Intelligraphics has insider knowledge of every popular embedded operating system.  + Android Development Services + Linux Development Services + Firmware Development Services + Medical Devices + Industrial Automation and Controls In addition to creating device drivers we have also constructed libraries for application engines, creating API’s and intermediate architectures to aid our clients in producing industry leading products. We have implemented full protocols, Bluetooth profiles, and offer a level of in depth technical...

Data Aquisition

  Low-cost high-speed dynamic data acquisition has always been the stuff of science fiction.  PC based solutions require complex boards and custom drivers that drive the end cost up while locking in legacy designs.  Those days are over.  Intelligraphics, a leader in developing custom kernel mode drivers on Windows for over 15 years, has created a new high-performance user-mode data acquisition framework that allows for programming PCIe capture boards from application space and transferring GIGABYTES of data per second with interrupt level synchronization through an advanced memory and event sharing architecture.  Check out IGXFLEX below for more information. IGXFlex High Performance Windows User Mode Driver Kit LowLatency & HIGH...